Sea Fishing in Cyprus

Sea fishing in Cyprus is very fascinating and attracts attention in the first place those people who hunt for a major trophy, or for exotic catches. If you are fond of sea fishing, the Cyprus you can try his hand at catching more than 260 species of fish living in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sea Fishing in Cyprus

Order fishing is possible in the hotel, where you will relax and in companies located near the bays and beaches. Trips organized by the hotels may be suitable for both novice anglers, yet for experienced anglers. Because the trip occur in areas most rich in fish, can realize their dream everyone fishing lovers!

Basically, all the tours related to sea fishing, offer lunch during the day and stop at scenic spots for snorkeling. Fishing in Cyprus more successful in the reservoirs, the sea is better caught octopus, caught trophies others less.

Fish in the coastal zone of Cyprus, after the Cypriot overlap Dams Rivers, was not enough. Therefore, fishing rod from the bank is unlikely to be successful. I happened to watch the fishermen in Limassol, where the catch with breakwaters on the beaches. In Paphos, where careless in the center is always full of fans. Also in the center of Larnaca, but the bite, no one ever I saw. Apparently, so the license for the fishing rod or spear fishing in the daytime without scuba gear is not required.

But the hunt for octopus at coast with underwater gun, or by spinning from a boat is very exciting. Local agencies offer special tours for half a day, the cost of 25 pounds. Even on the beach of our hotel in Limassol I have often seen as spear fishing fans pulled to the shore octopus, length 30 centimeters Company anglers can enjoy a boat for fishing. 38-foot boat costs between 275 pounds and 44-feet from 340 pounds. You can try to catch tuna or swordfish.

Arriving at the Old Port in Limassol, you can easily find and rent a fishing schooner with a team of approximately 250 pounds for five hours of fishing. You can even go fishing marlin and barracuda. But hunting for marine trophies, be prepared for the fact that the really serious fish is able to deprive us of everything forces.

Once at the pier, I drew attention to the fact that all the small fishing schooners at the bow were set firm Penn winch with prolonged clutch tightly calculated at 90 kilograms. As the captain said we rented schooner, former captain of the marine patrol and coastal service, the fishing schooner and their equipment designed for catching big fish. The fact that many of them on the winch cable was wound up, it is called a zero, confirms his words.

Sea Fishing in Cyprus

As it turned out from a conversation with the local fishermen, their main object is the blue marlin fishing. The buyers acquire marlin fish directly in the harbor for about $ 150 per kilogram. But his livestock from getting smaller and smaller every year. For Cypriot fishermen catch blue marlin is considered to be a real success. Such a high price per kilogram of fish is explained not only by its paucity. In restaurants serving marlin weighing 50 grams worth about 11-15 Cyprus pounds, or about $ 30.

Marlin fishing method is interesting in that the winch is wound about a mile strong cord, which is tied at the end of a powerful hook with steel leashes. On the hook put on fresh fish and bird with a load dumped into the water from moving at full speed schooner. After marlin bite load detachable from the main cord. After that, everything is exactly vice versa yes. Not marlin catches the bait, but the fishermen catching marlin.

Sea Fishing in Cyprus

In just a few minutes of the staggering speed dials, pitting tightened ninety kilograms clutch. Marlene rushes forward and even moving at full speed schooner has not the slightest chance to catch up with him. The rest of the process of drawing depends solely on the experience of local fishermen. According to them, a big marlin in just a few minutes is not just ahead of the boat, but reels off all 500m cord, leaving the fishermen a chance. We chose a quieter, but no less interesting exotic fishing.

For octopus

The main object of our hunt was not a fish, and octopus. In fact, the octopus fishing is very exciting. Catch it at a depth of about 60 m. The most suitable weather is the presence of a light breeze. Octopus catch usually onboard fishing poles, which are tied 3kg loads. At 15 centimeters above the cargo is attached a wooden stick about 10 cm long, which is attached to the perimeter of the six hooks and octopus. It turns out a kind of silicone skirt, which we usually meet at beit-spinner.

Sea Fishing in Cyprus

At 10 cm above on a leash, the cord diameter of 1-1.5 mm attached a powerful hook, which is pushed a small fish. The obligatory factor is that the length of the leash and the distance at which he attaches the same.

When you lower the gear, cargo hold bait directly from the bottom. Traps for squid and sinks to the bottom. Next vacation angler stops flowing line and performs jerking it to a length of cargo. That is, it turns out that you are making a breakthrough, fish and trap climb up the goods at the same time continues to lie at the bottom. When you give up the slack and the tackle falls back on top of the fish rests on it. That is, the load is not only for the speed of the lure dives, but also allows the angler to control the height of the stroke.

Located nearby hunting Octopus responds to prey in the form of fish. But attacks in the first place are not it, and his kinsman, a potential competitor - trap. Digging in hooks tentacles. Feel the bite of octopus is almost impossible, since it takes place at the stage of a free fall or when the bait is on the bottom while pausing.

The process of pulling the special pleasures of production on resistance does not deliver. But the pleasure of exoticism you get caught for sure. Still you have to pretty to control myself, to release the tentacles of an octopus at first from the hooks, and then unstuck them from the hands of its own.

Now why windy weather is most favorable for catching octopus. Everything is simple. It is the presence of wind lets the boat drift, which increases the area of ​​fishing on the probability of being caught octopus. There are cases when the angler feels the most powerful bite. As for the octopus themselves, they can safely release back home, leaving one - two, in order to be prepared for the cook. You try excellent taste of meat. However, there is one caveat.

Sea Fishing in Cyprus

Try it you will not be the octopus, which caught themselves, and those who have been caught before. The fact that, before cooking meat tentacles of an octopus, it must be soaked for about a day. Then it turns out tender and very tasty. This seven-hour fishing schooner will cost about 25 Cypriot pounds per person in a group of ten people or all the same 250 pounds when renting a boat individually.

While fishing on octopus I was able to observe the magnificent spectacle of the royal tuna fishing. Fishing took place three hundred meters from our boat. The spectacle is not for weak nerves. The sight discourage me any desire to be in place of the fishermen. The essence of this is about. On specially designated areas establishes a series of traps and unique enclosure, which lured Royal tuna. Then, with fishing trawler in the nose shoots a harpoon tuna, after which the vessel began to desperately hang out.

Just calm down the fish dragged lowered to the water network and the crane lifted out of the water. When this crazy fish sizes again began to twitch convulsively on the network, it appeared that the crane boom will not stand and it’s just going to be sick with the attachment points. However, local fishermen-hunters long for this fish not stand on ceremony and reassured her not more than a dozen shots from a shotgun.

Fishing from the pier

For those who do not want to pay money for deep-sea fishing on the boat, there is an alternative. Fishing from piers, breakwaters or piers of various built hotels in the tourist area. Also, you can successfully catch on Paphos seafront, in the center of Larnaca, or in the tourist area of ​​Limassol.

As an angler can catch not only rely on a large number of small fishes of all kinds, but also on the swordfish, large tuna or not the entire same octopus?

Sea Fishing in Cyprus

I was able to observe and interact with the local fishermen. What became clear that the bait (this tackle is particularly popular with catching a pier or promenade) is caught quite a large variety of fish. When I tried to catch the evening spinning off the pier at the hotel, both times the fishing ended on a powerful biting and breakage.

For the first time, with the second cast, on a wobbler caught some sea fish weighing 300 grams, but on the resistance of fish was more like the usual for us to perch weighing under a kilogram. Next cast two dash wiring twitching, pause, hit, and pull - still the same yellow-blue fish with a small mouth at first glance. In the mouth, half a wobbler literally almost stuck between the teeth.

"Yes, there is a whole pack of them!" - I thought, remembering our perch, looking forward to further capture. Another throw, close shackle, jerk! As if in answer to my dash helpless squeal and clutch slack fishing line. I opt for the line and look at the perfect clean cut the cord. I understand that my wobblers and leash with light spinning and 4kg cord to not force the coil are not correctly selected gear. With dimensions of pop's out in the evening in the shallow water of local residents.

It is a pity, of course, that in view of the circumstances could not even catch the evening from the pier. On assurance of the local fishermen, the probability of biting big fish in the coastal zone in the evening is very high.

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