Sea Fishing of Salmon From the Shore

In the sea, as in any other pond, there are their fish points, long and well known to lovers of sea fishing salmon. The greatest interest for the fisher is salmon and salmon. The method of fishing, tackle and bait for sea fishing of salmon from the shore is not fundamentally different from fishing in the open sea.

Tactics of fishing salmon in the sea from shore

Optimal places for coastal salmon fishing by spinning are areas where rivers and streams flow into the sea. It is here that salmon comes to spawn. There, the smelt and other fish go to spawn. Here the main quantity of skimmed fry is collected, and the fresh water of the rivers contributes to the maximum development of the flora and fauna of the coastal zone of the sea. The maximum concentration of salmon in autumn, winter and spring is observed in these places.

It is important to consider the structure and topography of the seabed when choosing a fishing site. It is desirable to have on the bottom of stone placers and large boulders. Sandy beaches salmon rarely visit. Many coastal zones of the sea are completely devoid of stones, but salmon (albeit in smaller quantities) is present. The best time to catch a Baltic salmon is the end of December - mid-May. Peak activity of salmon is in January, and trout in March - April. Several separate bursts of activity of these fish are also traced, connected with the approach to the shore of shoals of small fish.

Sea Fishing of Salmon From the Shore

Activity of salmon ceases almost completely by mid-May. Because the shore to spawn suits sargan, occupying the entire coast and displacing the salmon to the depth. Spawning of the sargan lasts almost a month, so you can forget about salmon fishing until the middle of June. In summer salmon are caught very badly. Since October, catching is generally prohibited. The salmon begins a period of spawning. The season begins only in early January. The salmon finishes spawning and slides out of the rivers back into the sea. Begins to eat intensively, restoring strength.

To argue that salmon is best active early in the morning is not correct. More than once or twice it happened that the fish was caught perfectly at noon. In winter, start fishing at noon and continue until sunset. In the thaw and with the warming of the water you can catch in the morning. If the fish does not show activity during the whole day, then it's worth waiting for twilight. Very often salmon comes to the shore in almost total darkness.

During fishing in calm or at a wave the results are approximately the same. In not a strong wave of bites more in the afternoon. In calm calf salmon takes excellent late at night. Of great importance is the transparency of water. If it is turbid, then even in complete calm fishing can be very effective throughout the day. Salmon is not caught during a storm and immediately after it, when the water is still too turbid. It is necessary that the water in the sea is lightened a little. Sometimes it can take several days.

Bright sun negatively affects the activity of fish. On such days it is better to start fishing later in the evening. Usually, in clear weather, salmon only accompanies the bait and rarely ventures to attack. As soon as the sun goes over the horizon, it starts boldly interested in bait. If the weather is cloudy or it rains, then you can catch all day. I often succeeded in the rain.

Having decided on the place of fishing, it is worthwhile once again to look closely at the water. The fact is that the water in the area of ​​the sea in 500 meters is very different in transparency. Therefore, it is better to go to where it is cleaner. You can also say about waves: their strength depends on the depth difference. It will be more correct to choose a quieter area. If the place is deep, start catching directly from the shore. If the place is shallow - try to go into the water as far as possible, but not deeper than the waist.

On stony sites you can use a large stone and stand on it. It is necessary to scrape not only the zone in front of you, but also the side areas. If there are not enough bites, change the place, but do not do it too often. It makes sense to periodically return to the old places. Salmon can go there at any time.

Outfit for sea fishing salmon from shore

One of the important moments for fishing salmon from the shore is outfitting. The sea does not like jokes. Therefore, pick up the equipment must be very carefully. You have to catch salmon in icy water. We must go into the sea to the waist and deeper. Therefore, safety and protection from cold are in the first place. It is advisable to choose a suit with felt on the sole. Felt almost does not slip on the stones, which is very important for stability. On some models heels are inserted into the heel of the heel.

The next necessary thing is a waterproof jacket with a hood. Even if you are knee-deep in the sea, waves and splashes of water can overwhelm you with your head. Therefore, without a jacket cannot do. The jacket should not be bright colors (in salmon - an excellent vision, bright clothes scares him). You must have at least one large outer pocket for the box with baits. The pocket should be with drainage holes, so that the water that has got into it can freely pour out. The pocket should be securely closed. With an accidental fall, the things that have fallen out of your pocket will be hard to find and collect.

It is necessary to have a set of spare linen. If you get wet, you need to change clothes to avoid trouble. Do not interfere on fishing polarizing glasses. In cold weather, take care of gloves. Another thing that will help you warm up on the cold seashore is a thermos. A sip of hot tea from it never hurts.

Tackle for sea fishing salmon from shore

Fishing rod for sea fishing of salmon

In sea fishing from the shore, the casting range is determined by almost everyone. If you can throw a bait weighing 25 grams at a distance of 50-60 meters, then it's good. Many manufacturers have long been producing gear specifically for sea fishing salmon in a surf wave. These three-piece models are 3.2-3.6 meters long parabolic. In my opinion, they are rather heavy. A few hours fishing is very tired.

If you choose from this series, it is better to pay attention to lighter models. A specific choice is a matter of personal taste. I can advise any universal model that allows for force casts. A classic fishing rod for catching salmon in the sea should have a length of 3-3.4 meters. Upper test up to 40-50 gram. A long handle, medium construction, large diameter access rings.

Fishing reel for sea fishing salmon from shore

It is necessary to approach the fishing reel selection seriously. Salty sea water is able to "kill" the Fishing reel in just one fishing trip. Therefore, you need to choose models with a sea incline. Marine Fishing reels are expensive, but here it is better not to save. Sea fishing implies quality in all the details of both equipment and gear. When choosing a reel, pay special attention to the quality of laying the line.

With force casts any unevenness in the laying leads to the formation of a "beard". The spool of the Fishing reel should contain 200 meters of fishing line with a diameter of 0.25 mm. It is not possible to completely fill the spool. When using a monolayer it is better to leave the edge at 3-4 mm, otherwise resetting the loops is inevitable. After each fishing the fishing reel should be cleaned. Sea salt is deposited on its parts and mechanisms.

Bait for sea fishing salmon


Bait for catching salmon in the sea

The basis of salmon baits for sea fishing from shore is formed by wavering spoon-baits and their analogs. Other baits did not justify themselves. The correct choice of spoon-bait-bait (shape, mass, color, game) is one of the key moments of salmon fishing. Rod, fishing reel, fishing line, equipment only tools for the correct supply of spoon-bait. Salmon is a very capricious fish. It is sometimes very difficult to please him.

Even in the peak of activity, his preference for a certain kind and color of bait is very clearly traced. Optimal size spoon-bait: length - 6,5-9 centimeters, width - 1,5-2,5 centimeters, thickness - is not important. The spinner can be made of different material and have a three-dimensional shape. The heavier the lure of a single row of sizes, the farther it can be thrown.

Sea Fishing of Salmon From the Shore

There are several main forms of salmon lures. They differ from each other in game and form. The most catchy and common are the spoon-bait of the classical type. These are small lures narrowed in the bow. With a small S-shaped bend and a center of gravity displaced toward the hook. They have a fairly easy move and a moderate game when posting. There are many such spoon-bait-baits. But only a small part of them can be fully suitable for sea fishing of salmon from the shore.

The specific type of spoon-bait that have recently become more common are volumetric and slowly sinking models. They are made in the form of a direct imitation of small fish with a detailed drawing of the eyes and scales. The main advantage is the ability to do slow wiring in small places among large stones and algae.

Apply them in a calm or with a small wave. Their ability to hang in the water column, imitating wounded fish, allows for better results than with other types of bait. The design of most of them uses plastic. Therefore, their mass is small, which does not allow for long-range casting. The main task of such baits is the obscuration of near-field zones.

Color spoon-bait for salmon fishing

When fishing salmon from the shore, the color of the bait is of great importance. Replacing the silver spoon-bait with a golden bait can definitely affect the result of fishing. There is an opinion that the coloring of salmon baits should be bright and challenging. Other fishermen believe that bright colors are appropriate only in cold water. With its warming, the natural colors of bait become actual.

Sea Fishing of Salmon From the Shore

The basis of all salmon is now pure silver or golden coatings. Some of them with the addition of red green or black colors. I consider the most universal silver color, without any coloring. Unlike other colors, it works almost always.

There have been cases when I did not catch fish with this color. But at the same time my friends caught on them successfully. Most likely I just did not get the fish under my breath. In such situations, the best solution is to change the fishing place. Sometimes it is enough to move 200-300 meters to the side so that the situation changes. The problem with the color of the spoon-bait appears always in sunny weather. Especially if at this time the sea is calm.

Sea Fishing of Salmon From the Shore

In such conditions salmon is not active. Pick up a spinner that he will not be able to taste. In this situation, aiming for large stones helps. Waves wash out a hole near them and salmon likes to stop there. The color of spoon-bait-bait for sea fishing of salmon from the shore is better to choose a neutral (for a natural fish). Ideally if the back of the spinner is also painted.

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