Methods of sea fishing

The choice of method for sea fishing depends on local conditions and the topography of the bottom. One of the methods of sea fishing is fishing from a drifting or anchored vessel. Fishing from a drifting boat is used for both sea fish and bottomless dwellers. This method is especially

Sport fishing for sharks in the sea

Fishing for sharks in the Mediterranean Sea For Europeans, the most popular destination shark fishing is the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to many species of sharks, some of which are of interest to anglers. Many resort towns of the Mediterranean organized special offices providing services to visitors fishing tour.

Sea fishing in shallow water

Bonefish, tarpon, pompano, barracuda and snook belong to those species of fish that appear in shallow waters with a strong tide. Shallow waters are rich in crabs, shrimps, shellfish and other livestock that make up the ration of predators. The water is crystal clear, the weather is hot – the

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