Seasonal bait for tench

Food preferences of fish vary depending on the time of year. Sven Hettinger all year watching tench and made a list of his favorite foods. The hardest thing in catching tench - find a body of water, where it is a lot. The rest just take seasonal bait for tench and successfully caught. However, so just still does not happen.

During the summer catching tench with me there was a case, which prompted a closer look at the baits and fishing strategies. I sat there in the early morning on a small lake, and saw from time to time between the fields of water lilies float beautiful fish. Among the leaves of water lilies I could see a tiny dish of my float.

But the beam of maggots on the hook, but one Rudd, no one else was interested. A few small fish were played constantly near the float and bait checking every half an hour, I found maggots completely sucked. Maybe beam maggots - unsuitable for summer bait linear?

A small serving of maggots to float snap - catch ability bait for tench, especially in the spring

Fortunately, I had a bag with him even earthworms. Quickly I put the worm on the hook and threw it into the water to float a snap. As soon as the float upright, as immediately he dived into the water. Too heavy or too light worm float? The question for a brief moment hung in the air. However, after the seizure sweeps convinced that it is a fish!

A few minutes later, to the surprise, he started the first tench in landing net. Maybe it's just coincidence. But about an hour later, having exhausted all the worms, I pulled eight linear - in the same place, where none of them fell for maggots. After that I changed the first record in my fishing diary and began to observe exactly when and what bait bite line.

Seasonal bait for tench

I came to the conclusion that in the course of the year are the best time of all the different lures, and now apply them and ground bait mix depending on the time of year.

Spring. Easily digested mixture

As soon as the spring sun warms the water slightly, Lin will be more cheerful and would regularly go out to feed. For the success of catching the early spring need easily digestible bait. As an attachment, along with maggots and manure worms have proven themselves pupa maggots (casters), which have high protein content.

Spring tench caught on worm manure, maggots or casters

To make the bait more attractive to her mixed a handful of crushed pupae, which are particularly well give their odor in the bait, and, later, into the water. As spring attractants performed well spices.

Recipe bait:

2 pieces of bait for tench

1 part fine corn grits

1 part flour

15% of the fishing ground to standing water

10% crushed casters

Attractants: fennel, garlic, coriander

Summer. In summer, a few larger

In summer, when it's not active predatory fish for tench, use the most selective bait that for other non-predatory fish is less interesting. Along with a thick Night crawlers and a chain of grains canned sweet corn, especially catch ability summer lures for linear baits were 8-10 mm in diameter.

Summer tench well caught in the chain of grains canned corn, earthworms and small boilies

Small balls have the advantage of bream and other white fish often leave them alone. In addition, the baits are stored for a long time in the water, so no need to frequently check the bait. This will help avoid unnecessary noise on the fishery. Summer baits for tench, you can choose a slightly larger size. At this time, the main bait has to be very high-calorie, because the line is actively feeding.

Recommended coarse mixture with nutritional supplements, for example, very large grains of corn or honey cake. During catching tench on baits you can use the loose bait, because the fish is better to attract cloud of bait than lying on the bottom baits. In addition, numerous small fish tench excite curiosity, and he quickly leaves the shelter in a thicket of grass.

Recipe bait:

3 pieces of bait for tench

2 of the TTX-Mais

2 parts flour for honey cakes

1 part fat biscuit flour

1 part of potato flakes

Half a tin of sweet corn

Recipe boilies:

3 parts semolina

Casein 1.5 parts

1 part soy flour

1 part gluten

1 part ground dry cat food


Attractants: strawberry, caramel, banana or marzipan

Autumn. Autumn in half-waters

The line is now less picky, allowing them to catch a variety of baits. At this time, it applies mainly those of them that are under the pubic fishing can be served in half-waters. Since the bottom of the forest lake, where I usually catch, leafy, Place bait around the width of the palm above the bottom to line could easily find it.

On muckworm tench caught all year round. In the fall it does not confuse even big bunch of worms

To do this, press down the dough around the ball of cork or foam. You can use the pop-up boilies (Floater), and the worms on the bottom of the lift with the help of a piece of foam, which is put on the shank of the hook. The ground bait mix should now add additional nutrients because it is in line suffer gluttony. To keep a larger flock linear on-site fishing and feeding it to take a long time, is mixed into the live feed from the bait maggots and chopped worms.

Recipe bait:

3 parts flour

2 pieces of biscuit flour

2 pieces of fine cornmeal

1 part flour for honey cakes

10% of loose bait (Sensas Litou)

20% cut worms or maggots

Attractants: marzipan, caramel, gingerbread

Winter. In winter, less

In winter, most of the fishermen have winded their fishing rods for catching tench. But good facial waters warm in the winter it is possible to catch this fish. From such a cold catch is particularly warm heart. As an attachment, you can use small maggots or small worms. Large bait line this time of year is not taken.

In winter, the metabolism is reduced in tench; only small nozzle in the form of a maggot, worm manure will bring a bite

During the complementary feeding is necessary to ensure that a mixture of easily digestible fell only components. In winter tench preferred Lenten recipe with the addition of a large amount of clay, as a metabolism have been reduced, and they rarely feed. Clay provides a highly visible cloud, which attracts tench.

As the fish in the bait are not enough nutrients, they will not be satisfied, stay longer on the site and quickly catching are interested bait on the hook. Due to low water temperature justified only such attractants, which are made on the basis of ethyl alcohol; the oil-based flavorings are poorly soluble in cold water.

Recipe bait:

2 parts Sensas 3000 Etang black

1 piece of bait for tench

4 pieces of fishing ground for standing water

Attractants: Scopex, vanilla-based ethanol

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