Selecting the spinning rod

Factor first. Price. Determine in advance the purchase of the budget, as the prices of different models of spinning vary fairly wide limits. For example, the rod of the little-known manufacturer can be purchased for $ 50, and for the same the characteristics of the rod from the eminent manufacturer can put 300, 500 and even $ 1000. When shopping for spinning is not necessary to pursue the famous brands, as for one name you overpay about 30-40%, and in some cases, and all 50%. I will list some of the most well-known manufacturers of spinning - is a trading company Banax, Shimano, Daiwa, Nissin, Tenryu. But again, I repeat, do not chase the big-name brands.

The second factor. "Plug" or "telescope". Undoubtedly, plug rods are the most durable and high quality. They basically consist of two parts which slide into each other. The upper part must not be inserted into the lower part, and dress for her. This achieves the best bonding strength. About telescopic spinning say a few words, they are, with some exceptions, poor quality, and are used for fishing "on zakidushka".

Third factor. fishing conditions. Do I need a long-range throw? The focus is on what kind of fish? The range of weights used baits? 1. casting distance affect the test and the length of the rod. Let's just say, the longer the rod, the more will be cast. 2. When catching large fish should have enough reliable stick. 3. Decide on the weight of bait that'll be used. On this will depend spinning test, as well as on the kind of baits (crankbaits, jig, jig lures, spinnerbait, twitching) will depend on the rod system.

Factor fourth. We determine the test rod. The most versatile test, in my view, 10-30 grams, but there is nothing universal, for example, on Mersedese you can not plow the garden, and so will not be able to catch the spinning large bait, such as catfish, but that's another story . Test rod spinning lures range of weights that can be safely for the integrity of the rod blank reflux throwing power and, thus, will not suffer sensitivity. On this occasion, we can talk for a long time. Tell briefly in catching the jig on a small bait weighing from 5 to 15 grams of the test is taken approximately 4-20 grams, and had to the top and bottom margin, a lower margin to be 2.3 grams, about 5 grams of the top plus the maximum weight applied baits. Another story, this ultralight and spinning rods for catching large predators such as catfish, trout, trophy pike of 10 kilograms. For their fishing spinners used to test 30 to 120 grams.

Factor Five. Story. All have three failed rods.

1. Quick system. When casting the bait and fish withdrawal is only the tip of the rod. These rods are              good when jig fishing, fishing at long range, as needed quickly and dramatically sweeps.

  1. Semi parabolic action. Powered half rods. It is the most versatile systems, as this allows the rod to catch as the bait jig, and various baubles. It allows you to display big fish gently.
  2. The parabolic system. At the present system is working all the rods, from tip to handle. It is used when fishing in heavy spinners. In my opinion, the most used small rod system.

So, to determine the order of the rod, to determine the type of bait that you'll use, range and size of the fish catch. Quick system for catching fish is not very large, since the data do not strongly absorb the rod jerks fish and may break form or cord break. The advantage of this system: fast, reliable sweeps of fish, a good cast. Semi parabolic action is most appropriate, as it combines both the farthest throw and smooth, and the possibility of using different baits like jig and various blёsen and crankbaits. The parabolic system is used under certain conditions and with special methods of fishing: it's trolling and tvichching.

Factor sixth. Length. For fishing from the shore, in my opinion, the best is the length of the rod 2.4-2.7 meters. used and the length of the rod 3 and, in the ability to make some cases 3.3 m to achieve long casting. When fishing in the bushes and impassable places where room for maneuver is limited, use a shorter rod.

Factor seventh. Material of the rod and rings. At this point the rod are made, for the most part, made of graphite and carbon fiber. These materials have several advantages: low weight, strength at catching fish, the maximum sensitivity of the wiring, but they are very fragile on impact, fracture. The novice angler I would not recommend them to acquire, as rough handling is very easy to damage the rod blank. the rod rings must have ceramic inserts Sic. This is necessary to avoid "cuts" fishing line rings, especially braided cords.

General recommendations.

When choosing a rod pay attention to the integrity of the rod rings, form, he should not have any cracks, bumps and scratches, the insertion in the rings and must be perfect, without cracks and chips. Note the handle material and fastening of the coil. Handle material can be made from a conventional polymer and cork. All elite rods handle made of cork, but the polymer is not inferior to her, and even surpass in practicality. Reel in the fixture should sit tight, no backlash, the ring in the assembled rod must also be placed perfectly in a stick length of 2.7, there should be at least 8 to evenly distribute the load on the rod blank when fishing. When buying on spinning shake decomposed, there should be no backlash and unusual noises such as creaking in the handle. Small hook for bait, for which she clings when transporting decomposed rod, a trifle, but nice.

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