Sport Fishing for Sharks in The Sea

Fishing for sharks in the Mediterranean Sea

For Europeans, the most popular destination shark fishing is the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to many species of sharks, some of which are of interest to anglers. Many resort towns of the Mediterranean organized special offices providing services to visitors fishing tour. But you can just rent a small boat with the team for the whole day. Many ship-owners Mediterranean basin countries, specially equipped with small vessels to provide services to visitors fishermen-sportsmen.

Such boats complement the gear for fishing, bait fish and other necessary attributes for sea fishing. Not so expensive - rent a boat in Italy, Greece, Spain or Turkey for a day of fishing (including fishing equipment, bait) will cost from $ 500 to $ 800. If you choose the company of several like-minded people, the cost of fishing for each will be cheaper.

And of course, these costs are not comparable with those impressions that you get if you manage to get to grips with a toothy predator weight in a couple of hundredweight! Organized fishing on marine predators and many other resort areas on the coast of the warm sea, which is becoming more and more popular in recent years.

But let's dwell on the sharks, as the object of sport fishing

Fishermen catch different species of sharks, including such powerful predators like the great white, great hammerhead, tiger. But most of the catches are often present blue (blue), various types of gray and, in some regions, fox shark.

It should be noted that the catching means of shark’s different types are almost identical. Principle one. And what a predator strike on a tackle fisherman, one can only guess and speculate. Therefore, we consider the tricks resorted to by fishermen-sportsmen in order to entice the shark lure, as common for any kind of predators.

Shark fishing methods

As a rule, sharks are caught from vessels (boats and even ships). This vessel may be anchored or slowly move through the waters with the help of motors or drift with the wind or current. The latter method is called drifingom. Catch sharks, usually with a bait, which greatly increases the efficiency of fishing.

Since the sea can be met with a rather large and powerful predator reaching mass several quintals, tackle for fishing must be appropriate. The most optimal for hunting sharks Seven strand type heavy class rod length up to 3 m, designed for a load of 75-100 kg, with metal end and better without the braid. The handle of the rod can be straight or curved.

Each athlete chooses the form of the handle for themselves individually testing for ease of use with the seat. Curved handles allow some to reduce the physical burden on the fisherman in the derivation of large prey. Coils for hunting sharks use one or two-speed multipliers. It is considered to be high-quality Swedish-made reels. The coil should contain not less than 300-400 meters braided fishing line.

The line selected from the condition of the static strength of the gap is not less than 50-75 kg. Experienced athletes can use thin fishing line and more than coping with a large shark by pulling refined technique. Newcomers better to take the line with a margin of safety.

Weights are selected from the depth of the conditions in the place to catch sharks, and may be from 50 g to 1 kg. Of course, you must have a set of interchangeable weights for flexibility in the choice of fishing area.

Hooks should be taken from stainless steel (conventional hooks into seawater quickly rust), №6 - №10. Hooks should have a ring eyelet for attaching the fishing line.

To hold the line and the bait at a certain depth of the foam special floats used having a circular or spindle shape. Sometimes used as an alarm floats and bites. In this case, they are usually tied to the main line on a separate cord.

The best nozzle for catching blue and fox sharks considered as squid, cuttlefish, sardines, or a piece of a larger fresh fish, bleeding.

Good bait - an indispensable attribute of catching sharks. It is made of finely chopped meat sardines or other small creatures. Bait is lowered into the trough in small mesh fishing zone. An important component of any shark hunting - the right way to feeding.

Famous diver and shark R. Fox from Adelaide expert believes that the trail of the blood of animals left on the water smoothly attracts predators - so covered a large area, and the shark, which has taken a trace, not throw it and be sure to catch up with the ship from which the complementary feeding. By the way, in 1963, while diving near Olding Beach white shark was almost half a snack Fox. Subsequently, it imposed a seam 462! Who it is considered the guru R.Foks shark in Australia.

However, one for attracting shark blood is insufficient. Periodically, you need to throw into the water the pieces of meat or fish. The size of these pieces must fit the intended prey. Sometimes fishermen, who set a goal to catch a record size shark towed behind a vessel large chunks of bloody carcasses or even whole carcasses or large fish.

White shark prefers sedentary large nozzle and bait. Very good head of a live octopus and a large squid, tuna, etc. For smaller sharks used bait and smaller nozzle. These moving like sharks chasing and mobile lure towed behind a boat.

Place fisherman-sportsman on the vessel must be equipped with a special fishing seat, as well as a holder for fishing rods. The chair, equipped with straps will prevent the fisherman from the hassles associated with strong jerks large prey. Usually, once caught a few fishing rods at the same time, setting them in the cartoonists ratchet position.

Greatly cut down when the ratchet starts to monotonically pop

You must be prepared for the fact that a large shark can pull up directly from the reel a few dozen or even a hundred or so meters of fishing line. However, in contrast to the swordfish, which is actively fighting for his life from the first to the last moment, the shark more efficiently uses energy for fisherman resistance. It may take a few powerful jerks and suspenders, and then arranges a little break, and even fishing line slack for a while. At this point, should be promptly select slack it on the reel.

Pulling the fish to the boat, try to avoid a finding of the rod in a horizontal position or close to it. In this case, you cannot effectively use the resilient properties of the rod, and the risk to break the line at a sudden jerk shark. The optimal angle between the rod and stretched fishing line - about 110 degrees.

Fishing for sharks in the Black Sea

Fishing on the spiny dogfish shark

Katran - kind of shark spiny sharks. The number of barbed shark is very significant in some areas. In Russian waters, it is common in the Black Sea, where it is called Katran, also found in the Barents and White Seas. Quite numerous shark in the waters of the Far East - in Japan, Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Bering Sea and adjacent to our shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Katran - medium-sized shark, which has typically a length of about 1 m and sometimes reaching 2 meters and weighs about 14 kg. Life expectancy - 25 years. This shark is gregarious way of life in coastal waters and is usually kept in the bottom layers - to a depth of 180-200 m, but occurs at the surface of the sea.

The food consists of various shark fish - herring, sardines, cod and crustaceans - crabs, shrimp, cephalopods - octopus, squid, worms and other bottom-dwelling animals. In those waters, where a lot of prickly sharks, they cause substantial harm to the fishery, eating fish in nets and on hooks, bit tackles, breaking the network.

For a person in the water, the spiny dogfish, of course, poses no threat, and bathing in the areas of abundant shark, including in the Black Sea, is perfectly safe. However, to pick up the spiny dogfish can, bending, inflict deep wounds their spines, which are all the more unpleasant that the mucus covering the spines of fins, has apparently poisonous properties.

For fishermen, hunted on the Black Sea, spiny dogfish shark is of particular interest because of their size and desperate resistance when pulling. Do not unimportant role played by the quality and taste katran meat in his gentle and pleasant aftertaste. Especially good in katran smoked. Fish fingers are made from fillets.

Shark liver consists of 75% fat and is therefore well do without air bubble. The best time for catching katran, it is spring and autumn. Catch a shark nets traditionally fishermen and lovers of spinning. How to catch spiny dogfish shark nets, we naturally omit this moment and take a closer look at the fishermen catching a shark lovers.

Catch katran boat. At depths of 15 meters and up to 50-60 meters, the so-called "tyrant." "Tyrant" is the string on which is located a short leash 10-15, which are tied to the cord in such a way that they bristled, but not adjacent to the cord and at the end of a weight of 200-500 grams. (A weight is needed for a quick dip snap to the desired depth).

The line on leashes are 0.5 mm in diameter. As the cord can be used as mono fishing line diameter 0.7-0.9 mm and braided cord with a tensile load of at least 10 kg. Hooks used by large, relatively, because as part of the catch is scad, herring, flounder, gurnard and other representatives of local fauna, with a long forearm and attached feathers.

At the expense of the values ​​of color feathers, no consensus (used colors: white, red, gray and blue in particular), all caught about the same. Spinning should be powerful and not too long, suitable 2.70-3 meter and test at least 200-300 grams. Under these parameters are not suitable for spinning expensive Chinese-made from fiberglass, they are more resistant to damage than carbon.

The coil is desirable to put the multiplier; it is more suitable for power quality, and for sheer fishing. catching process is so you get up to the desired depth, throws overboard a snap as you load heavy, equipment quickly reaches the bottom, then you gently lifts the snap at 10-20 centimeters, and then abruptly let go.

When you feel it is necessary to strike blows to the hand. When catching katran, first you will feel heavy and have the derivation of fish closer to the surface, prepare for power struggle. With caught Katran beware, it scales very small and similar to sandpaper, you can peel the skin with no gentle motion.

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