Methods of fishing

The choice of method of fishing depends on the environment and the bottom relief. Fishing from drifting boat used for marine fish, and for the bottom dwellers. This method is especially useful if the bottom is covered with sand, stones, gravel and has a varying depth, which attracts different kinds

Baitkasting rod and reel

In this article we want to talk about baitkasting tackle or, more familiar to the reader of our language, of the multiplicative reels and rods, designed for these coils. Why we decided to use the term «baitkasting”? Because it is a worldwide name for this gear that most closely reflects

Multiplier reel spinning

The fact that the multiplier reel has certain advantages over fast-response attracts many anglers. But as clear guidance on the selection of the multiplier system – the rod is hardly possible to get when buying vending coils, most newly fans multiplier falls on your own risk complete tackle, often on the

Not expensive Aiko spinnings

Expensive spinning is a good acquisition of an object of worship. But, unfortunately, not every fisherman can afford spinning with a few zeros on the price tag. Qualitative and not expensive Aiko spinning – that’s what most anglers need in the first place. In 2015, Aiko, the well-known manufacturer of the

Fishing rod with a float marker

In recent years, all the major international competitions, up to the world championships, prizes divided among anglers in England, France and Italy. I have repeatedly been to Europe and many hours spent on the beach with a fishing rod in the company’s award-winning athletes, which allowed me to thoroughly examine