Tackles for fishing for carp

How the minimum set of gear for fishing for carp and equipment is should have the modern angler to fish in these conditions with maximum efficiency? Let's face it; gentlemen's set of modern fishing on carp is extensive.

To effectively fish in most of our reservoirs, will require three or four carp rod, equipped with a power coil spools high-capacity long casting; a separate rod for float-marker to find a promising place for fishing, if you plan to lure using a special feeder "Bait Rocket". But Stand Rod-Pod is not obligatory.

For example, I prefer two legs, which are very strongly held in the ground. Holder may be required only if you catch a concrete slab or a rocky beach where the rack is simply impossible to stick to the ground. To attach the stand or rack, electronic bite alarms (though his first carp I caught using primitive bells).

Signaling is not a luxury, but a necessity, because fishing is a day and night for several days. And even in the daytime, you cannot always intently watch the rods: have to be distracted by the preparation of the next portion of the bait directly and complementary feeding and a private meal also take time.

When buying electronic bite alarms necessarily choose the most expensive models, but they should not be afraid of rain and makes it easy to replace the battery without disassembling the case. Very well, if the switch is equipped with a volume control. For catching on throughout the highly desirable and sensitivity control, as Georgia is dragged over slightly at the bottom, and the passing seaweed, twigs, trash periodically graze over the line.

Under these conditions, too sensitive switch will now and then cry wolf. If electronic bite alarms inform anglers that carp took the nozzle, the mechanical (visual) alarm (swingers, Springer, "clambering monkeys") allow you to monitor the developments after the bite.

According to him, for instance, can be judged in which direction, to or from the angler, the fish began to move. In addition, they perform the function peculiar braces causing electronic detectors operate both under tension and when loosening the fishing line. Quality manufacturing mechanical sensors bite will become clear on the first fishing trip.

"Scrambling monkey" leave no comment, since it is the least comfortable, in my opinion, the type of mechanical sensors. If the line does not slip out spontaneously from clips swingers or Springer, but undercuts easily released from it, if this switch allows the sensitivity adjustment, if it is adequately resists the wind so it's the real thing.

Cannot do without a reliable roomy landing net. My on a long handle: the farther from the coast it is lowered into the water, the fish into it boldly goes. At my landing net mesh easily disconnected from the handle. When caught carp is on the shore, I disconnect interfering handle and, without removing it from the net, I can move him away from the coast to quietly remove the hook without fearing to miss the trophy.

The same grid carp can weigh, for this special thereto sewn fabric loop. If you are going to release the fish, and the principle of "catch - release" should adopt self-respecting fisherman, the required cloth bags to store it: tightening the neck, they lowered into the deepest part of the water, tied a rope to a peg, a tree branch.

All manipulations to extract the hook and the room carp in the bag are better to make a special mattress to in vain not to injure the fish. Because you have to spend a few days on a fishing trip, you need a set of modern tourist equipment, and it is desirable that it was specially adapted for carp fishing.

Carp tent, for example, has a spacious entrance to the fisherman can quickly leave it, if the night will bite. Closing the curtains is usually made transparent so that you can watch the rods. Clamshell does not hurt if you plan to spend on the pond for several days.

Well, if a sleeping bag attached to her straps and a zipper on both sides, because to get out of it will have as an alarm. There are plenty of extras, but it is rather the question of comfort. Now let's talk about the gear in more detail, starting, of course, with the rods.

What requirements must comply with modern carp rod, and, in anticipation of your answer, whether novice anglers can choose not too expensive, but high-quality gear? I'll start with the second part of the question. I am deeply convinced that the basic idea of ​​modern carp fishing is not the steepness of gear and accessories, and a thoughtful, methodical approach to fishing.

This and many days vigil on the waterfront, and carefully adjusted the recipes of boilies. Of course, there are things that cannot do without a novice angler. It is; above all, take care of the acquisition of basic elements of equipment. I will try to give specific recommendations. I will not be original if I say that a key element of the entire rod gear, in carp fishing that is as true as in spinning or fly fishing.

Of course, the snap-in can be delivered to the point of fishing using boats. In the same way, by the way, you can make and complementary feeding. In this case, the gear (rod and reel) does not have high standards. But the opportunity to throw itself from the shore makes fishing more mobile and efficient. I prefer carp rod length of 12-13 feet (3.6-3.9 m) and capacity 3,5 Lb.

This power supply will not hurt when long casts and using heavy weights. Constructed of advanced materials, even such powerful rods in the derivation of the fish well absorb and safely extinguish jerks large specimens. For boat fishing rods can be much shorter (about 3 m), because the long-distance casting is not required.

Approximately imagining the average weight of the load that you want to include in the snap-in (usually weighing 80-100 g), it is easy to test when buying any rod that is going to use for carp. The weight of the sinker tip is a horizontal rod should deviate from the axis of no more than 20-25 °.

If this value is greater, the rod will work with critical loads, but if your carp fishing rod, like a log, do not bend under the weight of the load, then the casting form will not "shoot", significantly reducing the casting distance. If we are not talking about buying a high-end fishing rod, do not pay too much attention to the definition of modular graphite, used in the manufacture of the form, it is better to ensure good quality rings and reel holder.

Rings collected rods should be located on the same line, but their quality does not cause problems. On carp rods usually put 5 to 8 rings plus the "tulip". On the one hand, the lower rings, the less friction when casting the fishing line, the more easily the rod; on the other, the more rings, the load is distributed more evenly. For a start is better to choose something in between.

The larger diameter of the first ring, the better, it is usually 40-50 mm. The optimal distance between the handles carp rods depends on the growth of fishing, more specifically, the length of his arms. Take the rod left hand on the butt, right - from the coil holder. Raise it above his head, as in casting, fully stretched out both hands.

If the angle between the arms outstretched close to 45 ", this is what you need Based on these recommendations, you can always choose a suitable and not too expensive rod of course, there are recognized leaders. FOX British firms, ROD HUTCHINSON, HARRISON ROD, CENTURY, producing very high quality and sometimes very expensive serial products.

The cost of elite rods usually exceeds $ 200. The full quality carp rod occurs when fishing with long casts. Personally, I have long been a prisoner of the mistaken belief that the coil with switchable brake (Baitrunner) certainly needed for carp fishing. During our joint fishing I was convinced that you completely do without them.

Then what are the basic requirements for the coils for carp? Carp coil must be robust. Number of second bearings; the main thing that it was the power, did not have a backlash in the main nodes, it was equipped with a front brake reliable and high capacity spool for long casting. Spool carp reel should hold at least 200 meters of fishing line, which is supposed to catch.

It is desirable to have several spools with an arsenal of different diameter fishing line. For example, for fishing in difficult places I need fishing line 0.37 mm or even 0.4 mm, whereas when fishing with long casts to clean the bottom would be more appropriate mono filament of 0.28 mm. If spool reel contains more than 200 meters of fishing line, you can make a neat reeling from the adhesive tape.

The way, the scaffold must always be unwound on large spools (300 m and more). Prefer mono filament from reputable manufacturers. And it is better to change the line once again, especially when fishing in rivers with rocky and sandy bottom, you lose a trophy specimen.

Here are some popular models carp reels without Baitrunner - DAIWA Turnament S 5000 T; SHIMANO Biomaster 12000; and Baitrunner - DAIWA Infinity - X5000 BR; SHIMANO Nexus 8000 GTE. Perhaps not all readers understand why carry a fishing two carp rods that are not designed specifically for fishing (I mean the rod with a float-marker and the other equipped with a rocket trough?).

Research fishing grounds with the help of the float marker topic for another conversation. But if short, it is a promising place to search begins any serious carp fishing. Reel fishing rod with a float-marker must be filled braided fishing line 0.25 mm. "Braids" conveys all the nuances in the hand of the underwater terrain.

Power rod for float marker depends on the weight of the load to be pear-shaped, weighing about '80 Dragging sinker on the bottom; determine the density of the bottom soil: sand, silt, and clay. To determine the approximate depth of the fishery, mastic is the line until the float weights reached, and then the line is vented, measuring its length, the float is not yet visible at the surface.

Etched fishing line length approximately equal to the depth of the reservoir in the place where there is a float. Measure the length of the fishing line will be easier if you know the distance between the coil and the first ring of the rod (so measure out webbing in a haberdashery, applying it to a wooden ruler), or if you make a label on the form, for example, 50 cm away from the coil. After each measurement sinker to pull myself a few meters.

So define areas with very different depths. Without float marker in the carp fishing cannot do, because the correct choice in many places the success of the upcoming fishing. Try to look for the border areas: between the hard and soft bottom, deep and shallow, overgrown with grass and clean areas. When the prospective point is found, the float marker may serve as a guide for feeding and to determine the distance for the casting.

As for rods with rocket trough (BaitRocket), it is necessary if you want to quickly lure fishing place with the help of feed (pellets), mini boilie, grains; it is used for angling in standing water as the bait sinks to the bottom of the surface after the rocket splashed down.

Rod for feeding should be very powerful, because the weight of the filled bait rocket can reach 200 grams or more. There is no point in this process, feeding, if fishing is carried out near the coast. In addition to feeders missiles there are other means for delivery to the place of fishing bait. Which of them is have in your arsenal, and you can do without?

Last World Cup carp showed that the most common way of feeding, advancing in popularity even rocket (which, by the way, in special honor from the British), is the "cobra" hollow tube for throwing boilies. It allows you to lure the target site, located 100 meters or more from the coast.

In my arsenal of two "Cobra" for boilies of different diameters. For feeding at a distance of 30 meters from the shore, I usually use a slingshot. Whatever method of feeding you would not have chosen, do not try to operate at the maximum distance: if using a rocket, you definitely put the bait at a distance of 80 m from the beach and 100 m fall into the square one of the three, it is best to lure and catch 80 ti.

In recent years, many fishermen use pneumatic gun for shooting boilies, radio-controlled containers for delivery to the point of bait fishing, but the cost of these original fixtures are still quite high. And yet, as the best bait for carp bait is. No less interesting, but it is an affordable way to "spot" the use of feeding a water-soluble PVA material used to make the tape, bags, fishing line.

I use very often the solubility of the fishing line when other feeding methods are ineffective. As is known, the modern carp fishing is unthinkable without the boilies. Most of the fishermen, and you among them, prefer homemade boilies.

Indeed, many are trying to simplify your life, and caught on boilies, bought in the fishing shop. I do not do this for two reasons: firstly, it is difficult to buy a really high-quality boilies; secondly, trusting the manufacturer, I deprive myself of pleasure influence the outcome, to experiment.

But for the self-production of the balls need not so much: board rolling balls and a syringe to extrude the dough. If you want to make a small number of baits, and you have not got these devices, you can roll the balls by hand. To bait was on the "hair" need a needle with a hook.

The short needle is used when Boyle pushed onto the hook itself, long - when you need to string on boilies ground bait soluble scaffold. What is the sequence of your actions on the waterfront? Where do you usually start fishing: with the installation of the tent, with feeding, with casting gear, and perhaps with their own meal? You know, if you were on the beach at ten o'clock at night, it is best to have dinner and go to bed!

Well, seriously, the first stage, especially in an unfamiliar body of water, the search for an interesting plot with the help of the float marker and by visual observation. Ideal landmark carp, playing on the surface. While the place is not found, there is no sense to unload the car the rest of ammunition. When the choice is made, I gather tackle and lure the place. After that you can already throw the rod and engage in bivouac.

I admit, I like to stay in comfort, because I spend fishing most of my free time. In just a few days on shore after fishing remains quite rubbish. I solve this problem radically: on arrival at the place fixed on a visible place a roomy plastic bag. Leaving from fishing, I take all the garbage with them afterwards to throw it in the trash.

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