Tactics of Pike Fishing by Spinning in Shallow Water

Fishing for pike in shallow water is not such a simple topic, as it might seem at first glance. For many years, a lot of good materials about baits, wiring and other nuances devoted to this topic have been released. Of course, this all has great benefits for the fisherman, but on the other hand, it makes the fishing process somewhat more difficult.

Fishermen, having all (considerable) luggage of valuable information and catching baits, sometimes just do not know when and how to use it. Hundreds of wobblers are in their boxes and waiting for their time, and then there are tires and more novelties.

Selection of the actual bait

I do not presume to speak about the quantity, but definitely a very significant percentage of fishermen completely refuse everything except wobblers. Among them there are even athletes who propagandize exactly this point of view. As a result, we get about such a turn of events - there are many things, but there is no sense in this. There are five boxes with working wobblers, three with the catchiest spoon-bait, and there's no question of good fishing.

Of course, the mere presence of a wide arsenal of baits is not an indicator. Factors have been discussed many times, but the most urgent issue of fishing for predatory fish remains open: which of the baits to attach and when? Imagine you are in a shallow pond. In the hands of the most suitable gear and in boxes the best baits. And not one or two, but the whole box.

You catch the recently praised wobblers and within an hour you do not get a single blow from a predator. No, you use it just for the purpose, according to the authoritative recommendation of famous fishermen. Put bait, but everything is again wasted. Of course, the reason may be hidden not only at your pace and the rhythm of the jerks, but also that the boastful bait is able to help out only in strictly narrow conditions, the time and place of which has not yet come.

But how can I help you? Guarantee 100% of successful fishing, not understanding the true reasons, it is impossible. It is similar to the treatment of a disease, the cause of which we do not yet know. Therefore, I will go empirically, focusing on one of the no less important features of catching. Namely, the strategy of catching. It is she, in the long run, that should influence your choice of bait.

In my practice, fishing tactics in shallow water are based on two types of so-called strategy. The first, the strategy of correct submission, the second, the strategy of attracting fish. I use the correct feed in those cases when the pike is in a passive state. At this time, it reacts less to objects that sweep quickly and at a distance.

But those that are nearby, most likely, will not miss. But again, everything here will depend on you, on your manner of posting the bait. That wiring, which it will have to her liking. It's like sharp and wide jerks of wobblers, its pirouettes, jittery pause, languid hovering, long pauses, serpentine movement, and even dragging along the bottom of some other silicone bait.

Varieties of baits for predatory fish

In addition to the subtleties of complex and attractive animations, accuracy of accurate and accurate casting plays an essential role. The bait should fall level with the wall of the reeds or in a clean window between the water lilies. In the case of an open space, with no visible landmarks in the form of a window of grass or reeds, the amount of casting into the catching area should be increased in order to slip the fish under the nose.

If we talk about wobblers, then not every one of them, even the now popular "minnow", will come in handy. Wobblers are different and individual specificity of the game of a separate bait has not been canceled yet. To the wobblers, the main criterion is the maximum attraction for the minimum wiring distance.

Tactics of Pike Fishing by Spinning in Shallow Water

In other words, even the slightest jerk should cause a beautiful pirouette or some other effect. A variation in the strength of jerks and their number - as diverse as possible to reflect on the game. These baits I also call "pointers".

I will mention some of them. Wobblers: Pontoon21 Bully Boo 60 SS, Greedy Guts 77 SP SR, Danzante JLL, and Cheeky 80 F-SR; ZipBaits Khamsin 70 SR, Orbit 80 SP and Speed ​​Kid 56; Megabass Vision 100, Stepcat, Flap Slap and FX9. Rubber: Gary Yamamoto Hula Grub 4-5 ", Flappin 'Hog and Kreature 4"

Tactics of Pike Fishing by Spinning in Shallow Water

Correct feed and wiring in shoal

One of the fisheries in late summer was held in the company of two familiar doctors. On fishing because of the large employment they are selected extremely rarely. But they have so many baits that even I, having a considerable arsenal, find a lot of things that I do not have.

So, being with them in the same boat, I watched the edge of their eyes as they change the bait. It happened more mechanically than with some regularity. In this case, for the whole day, only three or four baits have been changed. Basically, these were the ones that were once caught in a pond in a pond by a pike.

In those moments when it was possible to put an ordinary turntable, they persistently used these wobblers. When needed wobblers and rubber for pinpointing, they continued to throw completely unsuitable baits. Of course, this did not last long, because the purpose of my being with them in one boat was not in contemplating their mistakes. But to indicate these very mistakes, it was necessary to prove the effectiveness of their actions.

Real use of lures in shallow water

So, we sail to the shallow coastal waters. Up to the cane wall stretches a strip of grass in a width of 50 meters with a lot of interesting windows. I start with these windows, put ImaFlit 100 SP, I change to Pontoon 21 Cheeky 80 F-SR - empty.

I work on the strategy of correct submission. The depth in the place of catching two meters and so far no pike has made an attack. Finally, the breaker, but again empty. The guys put the same wobblers and try to catch, hoping that the preference is found. They do not give the result for half an hour.

I reason: maybe the pike is closer to the bottom? Then as a variant it is necessary to put a wobbler with a large depth, but you can throw it into the window, but it's hardly necessary to damp or make the wiring. I put the rubber Hula Grub, equipped with a 4 gram bullet, and immediately earn a bite at the bottom. The grip is passive; the fish neatly grabs the bait and chews. Therefore, it was not necessary to hurry with the cutting. Waited 5-8 and even did 15 second pauses and performed a sweeping sweep.

It worked perfectly on the tires VIOS Spindle Worm from Megabass.

I explain the nuances to my comrades. The guys from my rubber refuse and put 5-inch Mann's, throw in opposite directions and get each a few bites. The implementation is zero. And all because immediately do the cutting, the pike immediately throws a tasteless rubber. During this time I catch 5 pikes to 1.5 kilograms of weight. That's what "edible" means.

Tactics of Pike Fishing by Spinning in Shallow Water

We move to the reeds. There is much smaller. In this regard, the rubber can be used without any load at all. The guys by this time take my rubber and begin to throw to the wall of reeds. At one bait simply does not reach 1,5 -2 meters up to a cane, at the second it in general flies in a reed on each cast? But those casts that pass normally seduce the pike.

Well, all done right, and another pike in the boat. One fisherman is happy, and the second diligently tries to throw this magical rubber under the reeds. To test bait, I take the wobblers and continue to catch them. Let not immediately, but the fish attacks them, albeit less often than rubber. I explain so - the strategy should work first and the bait suitable for it is itself.

Fishing my friends was satisfied. By the way, after it half of the baits were put out of their boxes. "Guys," I told them, "it's not worth it. Everything will come in handy. Choose the bait, relying on the conditions and activity of the fish, and not just on past experience. This vivid example was very revealing. During his career, spinning had to experience all these useful nuances on his own experience.

In the next article, I'll talk about the tactic of provoking a pike attack from a long distance.

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