Tench - Fishing on Tench

Tench famous fish of the carp family, which almost everyone knows but few have it regularly catches. He looks like a stranger from another world - the world of silence. Lin is probably the most quiet and inconspicuous fish, loving peace and quiet. Of all the freshwater fish, tench probably the least known species of fish to most people.

The reason is that it is not sold in large quantities in stores and almost served in restaurants. This, in turn, is associated with habitat and almost complete inability to catch a large number of linear industrial scales. Therefore, Lin is known primarily for fishermen. Lin is one of the species of freshwater fish. It is common throughout Europe and Siberia. In the Alps, you can find it in the calm waters, located 1600 meters above sea level. There in Iceland, northern Scotland and northern Scandinavia. Sometimes, tench catch in water with low salt content, such as the Baltic Sea lagoon.

Tench prefers shallow and overgrown lakes, which are characterized by a large layer of silt on the bottom of the abundance of submerged vegetation and a depth not exceeding 6 m. Lin can also be expected in the deeper lakes, but often meet can be with him in the shallow bays with a flat bottom, soft mud and a large number of plants. In the rivers line looking for a place with a slow flow or completely stagnant water.

Description tench

Tench body more elongated its shape reminiscent of a torpedo. It's a little bent backwards and laterally compressed, covered with small, dense, almost no visible scales. Another important is that it is covered with a thick transparent layer of mucus. Some scientists believe that it helps to slip between the stems of aquatic plants.

Mucus makes tench matter how glossy and unusually slippery, if you take it in hand. When the linear pull out of the water, the air layer of mucus getting dark spots, and it loses all its beauty, becoming dirty faded, losing its golden appearance. Many fishermen claim that mucus heals wounds. Even in some places in traditional medicine is found references.

Among other notable features, in tench there is a clear distinction of male and female individuals. Men tench individuals have long and slender paired pelvic fins. Color tench green-gold. The back is darker sides of the fish shimmer as the expensive gems. Belly lighter, but still it has a metallic gleam. Boca harmoniously rounded yellowish-brown color. Eyes surprisingly small and red. The mouth is fleshy, with a small mustache at the corners.

Lin is very slow growing fish. At length it can reach 50-60 cm, and even more weight grows up to 5-6 kg. Line characterized by a large tail, which gives a certain awkwardness of his silhouette. Lin in the underwater world of a real fish - slacker. He can live for many years in the same location in the drainage basin.

His movements are slow and restrained, but this does not prevent him from being a real fighter in the game with a fisherman. Lin loves warm water, prefers shallow areas of the pool that night well warmed up, and the next morning still hot. But always near the square, covered with vegetation - reeds, pondweed, reeds that give him food, security and tranquility.

The spawning tench

Tench spawn when the water temperature reaches 19-20 degrees; it covers the period from May to July. He selected places shallow, covered with soft underwater plants. The spawning tench extended in time (usually takes about 1.5 months), and deferred portions of caviar, with a two-week intervals. The female lays 300 000 - 350 000 eggs, which are very small (0.8 mm) and is easy to attach to aquatic plants.

With an average water temperature of 20 degrees, the development of the embryo takes only 5 days. Hatched from eggs larvae are 4-5 mm long and 6-8 days are tied to the plants that are protected in this way from falling into the mud. Line grows slowly, reach sexual maturity at the age of 3 - 4 years. During spawning, males rash - on the back and on the head.

 Tench fishing

 Where to look for tench

Lin found mostly in pools, overgrown with a continuous carpet of algae and grass. Looking for a quiet place, covered with a thick layer of soft sediments, mainly near the edge of the dense vegetation. In rivers tench lives mainly in the lower and middle parts of the waters. Lin is not a big fan of course; he likes quiet and standing backwater lakes or rivers. Lin is quite well tolerated by the lack of oxygen in the water; it does not leave much to the shallow water warms. On the chemical contamination of the water line it is very sensitive.

The line feeds

Lin during the minority feeds only on plankton, and over time its main food are small animals that live on the bottom and underwater vegetation - snails, clams, insect larvae, mayflies, caddis and crustaceans (amphipods, donkeys, daphnia). Lin also does not neglect and plant food. Winter line fall asleep burying themselves in the mud. This happens when the water temperature falls below 4 degrees.

As we have said, tench feeds mainly on small benthic organisms, which seek out in the bottom sediments. Also it feeds on mollusks and aquatic insect larvae living in the water column. The food collected from the bottom, it is very rare to find food rises to the upper level of the reservoir. When searching for food group linear plow bottom areas, leaving a track of bubbles on the surface of the water and the constant stirring of the vegetation protruding above the surface of the water.

The best places to catch tench are quiet, overgrown and not very deep bays with soft bottom. Basically line is in the lower part of the reservoir, very close to the beach, always near the plant. Generally avoids places with rocky bottom, does not like the open water.

When catching tench

Lin is active mainly in the dark, the perfect time for him to catch the late evening and dusk. Morning fishing for tench tends to be less successful. Before the Storm line, as a rule, active and well caught throughout the day. The best time for catching tench, considered in May to June, the second half of August and all of September.

For tench is characteristic of seemingly random intervals alternating good and bad fish. Sometimes there comes a short period when the line is caught very well, and you can catch it at almost any time and on any bait. When the weather is good tench caught in the morning, somewhere to 9:00 in the evening and after 17 to nightfall. Only on calm days with drizzle and overcast, tench activity may be all day.

Bait for tench

Catching of a tench sometimes becomes obsessive passion. The reason is that this fish is wayward and cautious opponent who, by their behavior encourages avid fishermen. The best bait for tench is manure worms. Lin loves, when he will present a big fat worm, which will not be able to overcome the small fry. A bunch of maggots, too, will not remain unnoticed tench, especially if we offer them to him not classically white and colored in red.

Flavored pastry classic as bait for tench, but its effectiveness is somewhat lower with respect to animal bait. Boiled wheat and small, slightly crushed corn milk can sometimes best to lure linear to the fishing spot. Even ordinary bread as bait in some cases interesting for tench as food.

Attractants for tench

Available in many different flavors and attractants. One of them appeared on the market recently baits and attractants. This pheromone activator bite. It has long been known that the best fish pheromones attract certain species of fish as the fish mostly communicates through precisely these chemical secretions. Good tench belongs to the sweet scented attractants. At the beginning of the season of catching tench well proven flavors of banana and caramel malt. Sometimes it works even classic "Scopex". Attractant is best added to the bait, but you can apply directly on the bait and bait.

Bait for tench

The bait is essential for catching tench. They need to calm down and at the same time interested in the tench, especially if they contain pieces of bait. The general principle in catching tench is quiet, calm and endurance. If you make a general conclusion, is to catch a tench on the float rod can be used in almost all animals and most vegetable baits? Maggots are best to hang on a hook on 3-4 pieces.

From vegetable baits are best established itself cooked sprouted wheat. Skewer it 2-3 grain on the hook number 8 or 10. In the second half of the fishing season, you can try to catch corn. In some areas, well caught tench on peas, dough or potatoes, but the bait for many anglers do not catch. And very effective bait that line just adores - a granular curd. And most importantly, it should not be fresh, it is better if the grains of curd with a little flavor. These are the preferences are in Lin.

List baits for tench is extremely rich - rain and red worms (especially muckworm), maggots, leeches, snails. Lin real foodie and loves sweet bait and bait. Scented baits should encourage and stimulate fish to catch good afterwards. Very good work the bait with the aroma of vanilla and gingerbread. Sometimes, it is necessary to mix the bait with soil taken from a lake or reservoir, which catches a tench. A very important element is the addition of large parts of the bait, or to put it simply - something that we expect to catch a tench. Perfect for this canned corn peeled and cut into pieces of red beans.

Recipe for bait tench

Lin this fish, which are mainly located in their favorite places. If you know of such a place, problems with catching tench will not. It’s main lure and retains the right in this place. There are some interesting points in this cautious feeding fish. Sometimes it is enough to throw the balls ordinary soil from the bank of the pond. These balls will create a haze that will attract and linear.

Also in these earthen balls, you can add chopped worm and maggots. Feeding grounds with a diameter of about 2 m. In standing water, as the foundation always use the soaked bread, which, after the corresponding squeezing through a rough mesh is added to the cereal mixture. Grain mixture consists of cooked wheat and maize bit. The mixture is sometimes added a small amount of dry milk.

For running water mixture is prepared on the basis of animal feed, which is added to the meal breadcrumbs in a ratio of 1: 1. To all of bait also add a little, if possible, refined clay. In the finished bait add flavor with garlic smell, or any other, which is tested in a given place.

In all bait for catching tench add a sufficient amount of crushed earthworms or grubs, their presence increases the effect of the bait to attract fish. The color values ​​of particular bait are not allowed. Bait must not be abandoned in the form of large clumps and pieces. Even tiles cake must be crushed to small pieces. There is also a lot of industrial production baits.

Fishing on the tench

Fishing on tench does not mean any particular skill and exclusivity. This is essentially the usual gear for fishing in the calm waters, without flow. Nevertheless, we are dealing with a strong and courageous opponent who lives among algae, desperately struggling and just does not give the angler. For catching tench can be used telescopic rod and 3-5 meters long.

The length in this case is an advantage as it allows to abandon the bait box to more distant algae or directly on the rear end of the field of algae, and then easily withdraw tench in pure water zone. The weight of the rod in this case should not frighten us, because fishing involves a long wait and a long pause, during which the rod is stationary on stands or lies on the shore.

At first glance, the coil is not so necessary, but often it helps us when long casts and hooked a trophy tench. Hooks on tench should be large with a smooth curvature. For end hook can be shortened. For large linear size and №8 greater if catch on maggots or bloodworm can be used hooks №12 - №14.

Floats can be removable or fixed. Their size should not be substantial, but still need to be clearly visible from the shore. Balancing them is made with balls, and must stand upright and be vertical and sinking. From the water should just stick float antenna. Often this is due to the fact that bite like a tench bream bite.

An important element in the tench fishing on a float. In shallow water, the bright color of the float may scare cautious tench. Many anglers make their own models of floats made of natural materials - cane stems or goose feathers. The float must at least provide resistance to the fish during the bite and be in natural colors. Good floats for catching tench are sensitive, with a long antenna floats.

Tench fishing method

The most common methods for catching tench are a float and feeder. Both of these methods have to combine the elegance and power - tench fish is not only a very cautious, but also strong and courageous. When fishing for tench among plants and algae is a very good method is called free line, which involves casting the bait without additional loading gear. Feeding areas are usually found in shallow water near submerged vegetation in shallow water and outputs.

In such places the bottom is mainly soft and muddy, so without applying weights to the gear, we let the bait does not sink and is on the surface of the mud and dirt, allowing it to quickly find lin. Feeder feeder with the bait, we'll send over a distance of 20-30, or even more meters. You need to give up additional load and use only light surface feeders that will not sink in the mud. Fishing lines can be used 0.20 mm in diameter. If our land catching tench densely covered with leaves of water lilies and aquatic plants, it is best to use a thick fishing line 0.25 mm, and possibly braid from 0.14 mm to 0.18 mm.

Remember, however, that the fishing line is a thick fish suspicious and frightening. Leads should not be done 40 - 50 cm. large tench strong fish, whose morale is almost not inferior. After the bite should be sharp hook in the fish, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to conduct a tench to shore with care and use high-quality, well-equipped gear. When tench out of the water you'll need a fishing landing net. When fishing for tench, especially at night, it is always possible instead of line to get to the carp bite, as they are often close to each other.

The bite of line

Sometimes, while waiting for a bite of line, we lose vigilance. And it apparently decides the outcome of the fight with the fish. Lin if he can not immediately swallow the bait, it will be a long detain. And he does it very carefully; the float practically shows that Lin took up the bait. Lin may, within a few hours to approach and move away from the bait until it is satisfied that it is safe and it can swallow.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a biting tench nerves and self-control of the surgeon. However, there are days when the careful fish attacks, boldly and directly. Then float once or twice and starts to go slowly. However, it should be recognized that at least half of the large linear were caught while desperate fishermen have looked somewhere else.

Catching of a tench - conclusions

Tench fishing is often the dream of life for many anglers. Especially large, worthy trophy specimens. However, there are anglers who catch it purposefully tench, which is a real challenge and obsessive passion. Over time, they learn all the habits of line, their specific preferences for certain linear ponds for fishing, etc. Check out fishing with master really a godsend, and watching his actions, it is better than all the movies and fishing forums. But, even accidentally caught tench a half-kilo, it is an achievement. Just because the fish is really rare and interesting in terms of fishing.

Culinary quality tench

Meat from tench living among the algae and slime surprisingly soft, white and tender. The taste is excellent, without any bitterness or off-flavors silt grass. Lin is perfect for frying. Very good baked tench grilled, wrapped it in vine leaves or foil. Good combination and perfect flavor, chilled white wine to tender, fat and juicy meat tench.

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