The Best Ingredients and Additives for Bait

The best ingredients and additives for large baits stimulate carp for food, even in the most difficult conditions. Most of the major ingredients of the bait will attract carp to some extent. Often, however, these baits are enhanced by the addition of some of the most effective supplements.

Similarly, to understand the reason why these ingredients are the best bait enhancers is difficult to determine, but it is often caught by the results prove its effectiveness.

Many of the most successful additives emit a very strong signal for the majority of carp. By incorporating these additives can increase the attractiveness of the bait, before which the carp can not resist. In some cases, the carp may seek just such a bait, because they give a signal to the carp 'food'.

Some of the ingredients that attract carp are added only in small amounts. If the concentration is too high, it could backfire and scare carp.


  1. Casein

Casein is present in milk and can be used as a protein source. The main advantage of casein in your bait is a smell that will attract carp to eat the food containing casein. It can also be useful as a binder.





calcium caseinate

  1.  Calcium caseinate

This substance is an excellent ingredient for the manufacture of baits. The basic mix is ​​added to 30%. Therefore, it provides a good level of protein bait. This gives a good flavor and bait has many attractive odors which fall into the water. It can be used as an emulsifier.



Fish flour


  1. Fish flour

White fish flour is one of the main ingredients in the manufacture of boilies. Fish flour contains threonine and fenilallin needed for carp nutrition. Fish flour has the good properties of appeal, as the smell and taste. That's why it can be used all year round.



  1. Anchovy

Anchovy is added to base mixes and creates more high taste for nutritious, attractive properties. It also provides for carp nutritional value.




Red Robin Seasoning

  1. Red Robin

One of the best ingredients that would be included in any base mix. He was for many years one of the best baits for attracting carp. It has excellent properties to attract fish. The smell and taste will make your tip to try any carp.

Rev. Robin successful ingredient is used in feed for poultry, consisting of peppers and spices. The bright red color will give your bait a reddish tint. This attractant is a valuable source of vitamins and food source.


liver powder

  1. Liver Powder

It can include any base mix. Use at any time of the year. Fermented powder can be very effective in attracting carp, as they like to try everything that is done on the basis of the liver. The powder contains a lot of nutrients, which are part of the carp diet. Use in the base mix and bait up to 30 g per 1 kg. The powder can be converted into a paste by adding a little water and used as a dip.




  1. Minamino

One of the best solutions for the bait. One tip - do not expose to heat treatment. Instead, add 20 ml can into a package after drying.






  1. Semolina

Semolina is produced from wheat, it is cheap and can be used as a basic ingredient in the manufacture of base mixes. Semolina with soy flour can be used as the main ingredient. They give a very good taste and provide some nutrients for carp. Semolina yellow contains more fat and nutrients for the carp.



Egg white

  1. Egg whites

Egg albumin is an excellent binder for making boilies. It will also ensure your packing high nutritional value.





  1. Betaine

Betaine is soluble crystals, extracted from sugar beet molasses in the production of sugar. It has long been recognized as a major stimulator with fish feeding, as it improves the appetite of fish and the rate of digestion and absorption of nutrients. Applying betaine on a fishing trip, you will not only attract more fish, but also improve the nutritional value of the bait. This is ideal when you are fishing on a regular basis and see the fish in the area, which is actively looking for your attachment. Adding can be in any bait, because it is a very good thing.


Yeast extract powder

  1.  East extract powder

The fine powder which possesses nutrient properties and especially vitamins. This is a very good astringent and may be used for the base mixture as a binder. If you use the product on the basis of CSL, they are the perfect complement. CSL contains a small amount of natural yeast, so adding powdered extract increases CSL attractive force even more.


seaweed powder

  1. Seaweed powder

Seaweed powder is incredibly successful ingredient. It contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins that are essential carp. Use in the base mix 20g per 1 kg.

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