The Lure of Decoys for Fishing

On hot summer days, when the water in the lakes is heated to the point of fresh milk, even in the most advanced anglers have difficulty in catching the fish of a particular species. Many of them are fed only during the morning and evening sunset. But this summer I find most suitable for catching roach on the lakes. The summer heat year after year can occur in different months, but the best guide is the start of the bathing season.

Not every lake in those days, you can go fishing in solitude, and I try to visit the forest lake, where the approach to the water blocked by tree cover, through which the sun's rays penetrate bad enough, and the sandy beaches of the place leave aside. Simply put, it is necessary to choose the areas unsuitable for swimming and getting a tan.

The rule of thumb that I always adhere to when choosing a place, the presence of the sandy bottom in the area of ​​fishing. Places with muddy bottom in the middle of the sun roach flocks leave, because this is where the water is heated to a maximum temperature: the darker the bottom ground, the faster the water is heated. Light sandy bottom reflects the sun's rays. Moreover, the oxygen dissolved in the water in places with muddy bottom behind the sandy ground.

Bait number one

Of the variety of baits that I have had to offer lake roaches in the peak of summer heat, only one proved to be the most effective - is known to everyone semolina batter. Almost all standing waters semolina is the most universal nozzle, especially because it is easy to prepare and use. Cooking better talker right on the pond.

In the heat of the dough perishable and ready-weight in a couple of hours ashore sour. You can use portable refrigerator, but in my opinion easier to spend five minutes every couple of hours fishing on the preparation of fresh pasta. To mix one portion will need three to four tablespoons of water from the reservoir and about the same amount (determined by the stickiness of the dough) semolina.

Before adding semolina pour the water liquid flavor. It proved to be an effective attractant in a pharmacy tincture of valerian. Enough of three to four drops of the prepared portion of the water, and it zameshennoe dough will become moderately strong aroma. Add the semolina in the flavored water should be small portions, stirring well each portion.

The consistency of the masses - the main thing in the mash. It should be borne air temperature. If it is below 20 ° C, the adhesive mass should be sufficiently soft and stretching. If the air temperature is much higher, I make the thick mass, as in this case she reaches an ideal viscosity. Top for receiving the test using 5 g syringe.

I insert the hook in the sting of the syringe tip, a sharp squeeze pressing mash and only then punched the dough around the forearm, to completely cover the hook. Since the nozzle is kept as long as possible. Properly cooked batter is extruded from a syringe with little effort. Too strong or, conversely, the batter sits badly on the hook and often falls down at the time of casting.

Correct viscosity of the dough by adding cereal or topping up with water is not necessary, since the mass get mixed. It is better to cook the dough again. The most suitable for fishing semolina (mess from which stretches like chewing gum), provided that that is packaged in a conventional plastic bags. The dough of cereal sold in sealed packages, it turns crumbly and stretched quickly broken.

Perhaps, in other regions the situation is different, because the quality of grains depends on the manufacturer. In water, the dough swells, becomes more voluminous, soft, fish and suck it like a drop of jelly. This is confirmed confident bite. The float or sink steadily or out to the side. The addition in the mash of different kind of dye did not bring a positive effect. It seemed to me, on the contrary, the natural white color of the test is noticeable and attractive to fish.


Feeding spend in two stages. More precisely, the lure on the classic sports circuit, but using a mixture of two kinds. As a start-casting feed use food "Roach", further flavored attractant Sensas Aromix Gardons. Five or six balls the size of an orange send in fishing point and begin to collect the gear. During this time, the roach, as a rule, suited to the bait.

And in order to keep the fish in one spot, I produce supplementation zameshennymi water bran. This simple enough bait for the resumption of fish appetite. Bran mixture with water gives a loose, badly molded and consequently thrown bad. But thanks to the "dusty" properties such bait fish gather in an instant. Bran on a fishing trip requires quite a lot, about 5 kg, but it is much cheaper than proprietary mixtures.

Fishing tackle

Makhov rod allows easily throw light equipment weighing less than 1 g I 7-foot rod Tica Winner, who manage quite easily throw thin snap even in strong wind. This rod length believe it is universal for catching medium-sized fish. Although much depends on the external conditions. Not all forest lakes have extensive space, free from the branches of trees.

But to give up a promising point of such obstacles is not necessary. Not bad in advance, these eliminate the obstacles hindering pelting having cut branches. I use three types of snap-ins, which have the same thickness of fishing line, hook size and shape of the float, but differ in the size of the float and sinker weight. As the main line apply fluorokarbon 0.12 mm in diameter, leashes do from fishing line 0.1 mm.

With a choice of hook size, and most importantly its shape, I had some difficulties: too small hooks happened many retirements and the liquid batter on them sat bad. trial and error I was able to pick up the hook optimal for this purpose forms - Owner 50282 series number 18. These hooks have a sufficiently large distance between the gun and the tip of the tip, so they are more securely dough and reducing the number of empty cuttings.

Thanks to a thin wire hook fish does not notice and confidently swallows nozzle. Another important point when fishing on the dough - the color of the hook, which should not contrast with the white mash. It is better if it is made of light-colored matte wire. Float choose an inverted drop, with a thin long keel and a thin antenna to lower the sails in the wind.

Depending on the strength and direction of the wind install a float with a weak wave carrying capacity of 0.5 g, with the average - 0.8, with the strong winds (7-8 m / s) put a 1-ounce float. Balls on the main line strengthened so as to achieve maximum casting distance. At a distance of about 12 cm from the hook clamp the first large pellet, and a little further smaller.

When a strong wave has to clamp a pair of small pellets on the main line above the float 1.5-2 m. Float in this case should be the same number of underload. float Cargo also have to be adjusted depending on the wind strength. In the wake of a weak ideal if the float antenna protrudes from the water by 2-2.5 cm. When a strong wave of the total weight of the cargo should be slightly abated.

The process of catching

On I go fishing until 9 - 10 am. Getting fish accounted for before dinner time, however, this applies only to specific places of fishing. Early in the morning the main pack roach feeding among coastal vegetation:.. Of water lilies, reeds, sedges, pondweed, etc. On the sandy beaches of the fish goes to the beginning of the warm water. I have repeatedly come to the dawn and, despite all efforts, did not achieve a stable bite.

And after 10 - 11 hours of the day, he immediately improved. Before you start fishing is carefully prepared section of the coast, removing all obstacles, for which you may be hooked hook - dry branches, tall grass, bushes. In the water, install surround a sports tank. To test syringes were always on hand, use a small waist bag. In it the bait is always in the shade.

Most containers for mixing baits do not apply. One kilogram of bran is enough for feeding fish for 1.5-2 hours. A large amount of bait zameshennoy can quickly deteriorate. In addition roach mash willingly take and others living in the lakes white fish. The catch often rudd, bleak and small bream.

When biting large bream outcome of the match often ends in favor of the fish. Too thin casing can not stand: the leash breaks or unbent hook. Sometimes it can help out landing net, that should always be at hand. Posted nozzle mainly at the bottom, as it is here peck largest specimens. Roach 150-200 grams a lot of fun when you pull the fish.

It should not be forgotten sometimes change on leashes fresh. Node on the hook accumulates "fatigue" and at some point while drawing even small fish can not survive. If the bait is suitable flock rudd or bleak, which in most cases are found in the upper layers of the water, the descent of the float decreases. The approach of this agile fishes hard to miss - Falling equipment for water float for a long time does not rise or lying down out of the way.

These fish grab the nozzle before it reaches the bottom. Small ripples or even the average wave is always good for the appetite of the fish. On moving the nozzle fish takes the best, I am convinced more than once. When biting calms down, tossed a small piece of bait is always promotes its renewal. I do not advise to finish feeding several balls at once, one is enough.

Diverges from the ball fell into the water the bait circle is clearly visible in the sun. I threw it snap, and within a few minutes, followed by a bite. If done correctly, the loss of time for fishing is not seen. Fish are actively biting until late in the evening.

This fishing can be described with two words: "Scored - pulled out." Maybe for someone like fishing do not seem very serious, because mostly small fish bite within 70-150 g But the soul is more than enough. Throughout the day you can catch a lot, the bulk of the fish is better to let go back, leaving as much as needed for pickling or frying.

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