The Tactics of Provoking Pike Attack from a Longer Distance

The meaning of the tactics of attracting pike from a long distance lies in another. Here the main idea is to provoke an attack from a greater distance or in less time, forcing the pike to leave ambush or from a long distance to noise and vibration. To do this, I use almost all surface baits, as well as some wobblers and spoon-bait. Last, be sure to pay attention.

Here are the baits I use most often for attraction strategy. Wobblers: C'ultiva Rip'n Minnow 65SP and 80SP; ZipBaits Rigge 90F; Ima Flit 120SP; Megabass XJ100, Vision 110 and Cyclone SR-X; DUO Grace Minnow Elena 110F, Terrif DC 12 Type 1 and Hacker Slaver Crank 55SR; Pontoon21 Danzante J F-SSR and Chaos 72F-SR, ZipBaits Skinny Pop and Irony; Pontoon21 LocoPerro 100SL; Owner Tango Dancer 95F; Megabass Dog-X Giant. Lures: Pontoon21 Synchrony, Ball Concept and Sinuoso; Acme Little Cleo; Mepps Lusox; Williams Heavy Weight Wabler.

Sometimes it is with the help of a spinner that you can achieve a good result. Wiring at high speeds excellently attracts and does not leave time to think. Often, the use of an oscillating or rotating spoon-bait is many times more effective than wobblers. All the problems with wiring the lure at the same time go into the background. The main thing just throws and twists.

Literally not so long ago I was catching on an interesting old man, where I often visit and know every blade of grass behind which predatory fish can hide. That day I was fishing with one old grandfather. He lives nearby.

And so he decided to trade for catching bait on catching spinning. Moreover, the other day he received this new set as a gift from his son. Grandpa did not hear about any tweets. But then throw the turntable third number and just twist it turned out.

In the end, this very grandfather caught 6 pikes, while I saw only two idle outputs! To be honest, I was very ashamed of the athlete. And no matter how I tried, the stupid method of throwing and twisting was a favorite. So, I went home and came back the next day.

In the morning I caught one pike. Then my grandfather came and practically repeated yesterday's issue. I also put the turntable and finally left zero. For the day I caught about 12 pieces. The sun began to set, and the fish ceased to be active. I put the wobblers, and it all worked in my favorite key. Apparently the sun and clear water changed something in the worldview of fish. The lesson is instructive. The conclusion is one - sometimes it is worthwhile to put a more ambitious crank or a large minnow, or even a classic lure.

Conclusions from this fishing

At the same time, these two tactics are extremely rare, so you should definitely use one thing. The above has two exceptions, the first is the very high activity of the pike, which is extremely rare, the second one - it can be one pond, but different fishing conditions. It may be that in one part of the reservoir one strategy is effective, in another - another. There are enough examples of this, but I will cite one of the last.

Competition at the reservoir

While I'm wasting a "plastic rattle", a friend just throws and twists. Catching on both. I put the turntable on and for an hour I forget about the blows of the fish, I change to wobblers and immediately catch. And it's the other way around. Distinguishes us only a kilometer, but the reaction of the pike is completely different. Paradox!

The next round, in connection with the tactical schemes, we have to change. He's mine, and I'm in his yesterday's district. I put the wobblers, the other, the third, but nothing happens. He, too, with zero result and with the same bait. The period of mourning activity is short, so time is the result.

I pull out a spoonbill, drop it and make my main catch within 5 minutes. I call my friend and I hear a cheerful cry about my bait. In its area, the transparency of the water was low and the depth was more than 2-2.5 meters. On my own site, the water is much more transparent and shallower. A week later we just fished in this water area.

And here purposeful experiments have already begun. And again in different parts of the pond there were different behaviors of the pike. At first it seemed to me that the correct feeding strategy works only for that pike that was hammered in the thick grass and full.

But in reality everything turned out to be not so. It is with such local difficulties that we have to meet more often. In such cases, it is necessary to end up to the end. Engage in either search - mobility fencing interesting places with two or three or five baits, or provocation with a lot of baits, and maybe both.

The Tactics of Provoking Pike Attack from a Longer Distance

I remember competitions on one of the reservoirs. The reservoir was diverse in terms of different fishing strategies, but at that time I had no thought of anything like that. The main thing was to find the catchiest bait and catch only on it. They found the bait, found the best areas for their application, but did not take into account the possible probabilities of changing conditions, which we absolutely did not know how to quickly adapt. And all because of the small experience.

The pond was a depth of 3 m. Even in training, we determined that deep and shallow areas of the pike are present. However, at depths it was dispersed, and only occasionally it was possible to get to the clusters. And whether these gatherings in the same place at the time of the competition or they will move somewhere, remained in doubt.

But in shallow water the concentration was equally high. Is that the weight of the pike was smaller. But the amount that was not limited in any way, it compensated. Due to the fact that the pike was active, both strategies worked. But the attraction was more productive. And now the competition, the moment of truth. Tactics of catching on the overgrown shallow water with the use of the Croatian egg proved to be successful. The next day, everything changed markedly, there were absolutely no clouds, and the sun, which appeared from behind the horizon, added a number of gatherings.

Change the bait for something else and catch otherwise would not allow a small experience on this pond. Chop another and try to catch? No! At the competitions did not want to engage in experiments. The filing strategy, with all its nuances, has not been tested yet, but the attraction did not work with a 100% implementation. The one who changed tactics and moved to a depth where "attraction" continued to work were with prize results. And we were content with offensive 4 places.

In favor of the technique of attraction, fishing is also said on one small river with high water transparency. In polarizing glasses, sometimes you had to see a pike standing at the bottom. In one day only wobblers and spoon-baiters worked at super speeds. No pauses attracted her. It seemed that she definitely identified an inedible object. The attraction strategy worked flawlessly.

The next two days nothing significantly changed, but all the leaders were silent. But slow passive jerks at the bottom of the wobbles forced her to attack the bait. Tried and wiring of edible rubber on a light Texan rigging, especially when dragging along the bottom with periodic small breaks.

Grapes from GaryYammoto were beyond competition. If you notice, then under the shallow water, I always mean always the presence of grass. And this is understandable, because passing sunlight through a thick layer of water contributes to the growth of aquatic vegetation. However, there are places where even in shallow water the vegetation is completely absent. The bottom in such places is usually hard. But regarding lures there are some interesting observations.

The Tactics of Provoking Pike Attack from a Longer Distance

Of course, those baits that are mentioned above are used, but sometimes the result can be achieved in a different way. You will be surprised, but the wiring with chirping movements at the bottom often shoots. But this is a separate topic, which will soon be discussed.

In my opinion, the main reason for this approach in catching pike in shallow water is in its activity and the constant change in behavior patterns. Factors that directly affect all this cannot be counted. Starting with the pressure and the moon and ending with the temperature and transparency of the water. From my practice, I noticed a significant influence of illumination in relation to the pike-bait.

This is the transparency of the water, the time of day, and the sun. I think everyone noticed those moments when all the morning bites stopped abruptly. Strictly after some hour or even minutes there was a complete calm. Pike changed her behavior and, accordingly, her preferences. Probably, at such moments it completely changes the range of its perception and becomes, as we often say, passive.

Perception is narrowed, and this is similar to how a person reacts. When the light is off, the sense organs are strengthened. With pike about the same. Most likely, the sensitivity of the lateral line increases. When we are full, not every scent and every dish will cause our appetite, but during the famine, the slightest whiff of the aroma of food causes an irresistible appetite. This analogy is more than convincing. By this I tried to explain the possible mechanisms of this reaction, and not its true causes. The last is for ichthyologists. And it's up to us to work to find out the pike, by all means.

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