The Use and Choice of Baits for Carp

Before we begin to discuss the bait, it is best to think about how and why you chose this particular bait. Just the choice of the best baits for carp in a particular body of water can be a very difficult task, especially for a beginner.

Instead of thoughtlessly choose the bait, just at random and hope that it will be a good choice, it is better not to hurry and try to narrow down your choices. There are several ways to use tactics and choice of bait, make sure that you are all on the right track for use bait. To startle investigate.

The choice of bait

Ask around at the other anglers about your lake. At what bait they stop at catching carp and why. Then try to use the same. If on the lake, where you are going to catch, many anglers use bait, try to use alternative baits.

But do not stop in the experimentation. Did you find the bait, which no catches, and which caught the carp will be excellent. And maybe so that you will find these baits which carp will not pay any attention. This knowledge will be useful later.

If many anglers will catch on similar or the same bait that carp over time it will begin to associate them with danger and will ignore them. If most of the carp in the lake were caught on yellow, pineapple boilies over the past few years, most of all, carp will associate these baits with danger. Also other baits yellow color and (or) with pineapple odor. In this case, it is best to try not to use such bait.

This is one reason why knowledge of the lake, where you want to catch, is so important. There will always be good to talk about the lake. To learn how to catch and it's better to bite your local game warden or other fishermen when going to catch on the new lake.

Also, you will always have the opportunity to learn a variety of information about the lake, using the internet, try to view the forums and ask about the baits used in the relevant waters you. Do your homework, and it will play you an excellent service in the pond during carp fishing!

When you buy yourself new bait, you definitely need to believe in it, and be sure to apply in the case. Presentation Tactics your bait on the bottom of the pond is also an important part for a successful catching large carp cautious. Many argue that the carp are very curious fish, and the more you will interest his curiosity his bait, the better the chance that you will live to see big fish.

The presence of a unique method of application of your bait will give you an advantage over the majority of anglers who simply replicate well-known and has often old ideas. Thinking fishermen will seldom do the same, simply because the carp have seen it all before. He had a chance to learn and to adapt to it.

Methods of use your bait

1. If you know what your point is, nursing catching carp, try using boilies odorless and different attractants. You can do them yourself and always take with you on a fishing trip. Not many fishermen have decided to do so. But think, carp searches for food by smell. If he sees an interesting thing, but does not feel his smell, the carp will be inclined to try it to see if it is the food.

You know what I mean? Sometimes you raise the cost necessary to bait the hook down and your accessories like magic begins to properly catch and pinpoint good carp. This idea came to me in my early years of carp fishing when I was a freshman. I used cheap bait, which seemed, there was no smell.

The use and choice of baits for carp

I caught the two biggest fish in the lake on it. A similar incident happened to a friend of mine many years ago. He always left their rods configured in a bag. At one rod from him was small, dried bait, which was absolutely colorless and, as it seemed to have lost all smell. Within an hour after casting his snap with this Boyle, he caught the largest carp in the lake.

2. The use of balanced bait to make the weight of the hook invisible for the carp. This allows the bait to move the hair a more natural way, like other free fraction in the bait. Over the past few years, I used balanced bait on the hair. I realized that they are the best way to get more bites it big carp.

When I first read about it, I thought it was all nonsense and quite significantly. Probably, I would like to make it so it was unaware of the essence of the mechanism of their work. Later, I changed my mind and to understand all by himself. And I recommend you do the same, and you will notice that the number of "locomotives" for your rods will increase dramatically.

3. If all other lure missile Compound feed using bulk feed, pellets, chopped boilies, various seeds and grains, try to use only a couple of three boilies on a stringer.

On the other hand, if there are many anglers who catch carp to boilies, you should at this pond to try to return to the old, forgotten methods. Use as packing a variety of grains, corn, maggot, various worms and snails. Remember; do not be afraid to experiment with the bait and its representation on the bottom of the pond.

4. If you use trout pellets in the lure, then why not try to use a small pellet on the hook? I caught many big carp on small hooks with 6 mm, when the PVA package was larger pellets. This is the opposite of what many anglers do.

5. Try to spread on the hair as much as four boilie, but do not forget to make sure that one or two of them were pop-up boilies, to do all the bait more balanced weight. This may seem extreme, but it's just one of the ways to present unusual bait on the bottom of the pond which carp have never seen before.

6. Use single bait on the hair without the use of bait at all. Very often at the weekend on the lake many anglers. All of them lure their seats and sit next to their rods. I think that carp have long understood what was going on, and tries to get the bait side of the field. It is not suitable to lure until you notice that the shore had disappeared all suspicious objects. Remember that you should always observe the way in which catch more carp anglers. What tactics are used. Analyze it and create their tactics based on their observations.

7. If you are using single bait on the hair, then try very much to water their bait attractant. Yes, it can make the bait horrible taste and smell. But most important for you to at least try one carp took your bait out of curiosity and then was able to detect well.

8. Use two capsules dissolve in water for attractants and fill them with two types of fluid: oil and the smell of the attractant. If you can, try to fill them with liquids with different specific gravity. For example, dense liquid attractant to it leaked, was near the bottom to attract fish and bait. Second spreading in the water, attracted to your bait carp accidentally floated nearby.

9. Try to cut your boilie in half. Wear received half on the other side of the hair. Make it so that the bait looks like dumbbells or a butterfly. Sometimes it will be enough to fool a large trophy carp.

The correct choice of fishing grounds

The correct choice of fishing grounds in the reservoir may be the best way to apply any bait. Why not do the opposite, is not it all? If you know where all the weekend will be to fish carp anglers, why not throw your equipment in another place, in places where escape cautious big carp from other anglers.

In other words, catch a fish, where it no longer catches. Carp sure to take your bait where feels safe. This tactic is especially effective when you want to find new bait on your lake, which will appeal to a large trophy carp.

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