Tips for catching big perch

When catching big perch weighing more than 1.5 kg predators fishing enthusiasts start to shine eyes. But the trophy bass only with difficulty manage to lure the hook. Thick perch length of more than 40 cm is not just reached the age of 15 years and more. Here Holger Aderkass gives 12 tips on how to catch the convicts experienced perch.

Fishing spinning

When catching big bass using large silicone bait

Do not be afraid of large silicon lures. If large groupers are hungry, they are not afraid of anything. The lure for bass can hardly be too big. Anyone who wants to catch big perch and eliminate attacks small perch should stick on the hook only large silicone lures. Very rarely perches smaller than 25 cm are attempting to swallow the bait of length 15 or 18 cm.


When catching big perch remain invisible

When catching big perch I try not to use steel leashes. Instead, apply Monofilament pedestrian materials such as fluorocarbon transparent or monofilament with a diameter of 0.3-0.4 mm. Large perch are very shy and immediately feel the steel leash, which significantly reduces the proportion of bites.

Glued silicone bait

I often happened that perches grabbed silicone bait only the tail and dragged her off the hook. To prevent this, the soft plastic bait on the hook jig head I fix a drop of super glue.

Produce twist when fishing perch

Baits with a wide tail have an active game and produce turbulence in the water, which are always well accepted by preying and aggressive bass. I am using Action-Shads on a round head, or head on Football for catching perch. With what form to choose tail bait depends on the situation on the pond and the fish intensity.

When fishing bass lures to spend a minimum game

Baits without games, equipped with brushes, feathers or a forked tail, especially good for catching perch on the bottom of the pond. First of all, when fishing in a plummet in the cold season, when large groupers inert and freeze at the bottom. Then they are often unable to help micro-vibration soft plastic bait without biting games to persuade.

Abandon additional tee for catching perch


When mounting additional tee, I greatly restrict the game silicone lures. So I exclude it when fishing perch. Instead, I stick jig head hook bait in silicon so that he left the bait right in the middle of the body.

Sharpened hooks for successful bass fishing

Constantly monitor the sharpness of hooks. Because of contact with wood or stones in the bottom of the sting hooks are easily damaged. The blunt hook - bad, he cannot stick into the mouth of the perch. If necessary, sharpen hooks diamond needle files.


At catching perch move naturally

To achieve the natural course of the bait as filed, I mount the swivel in the loop. A loop bait in the fall phase is moving much better than if the swivel was directly tied to the main line.

Catching perch bait to attract noise

Perches are receptive to noise vibration capsule sideline. Insert noise capsules suitable soft plastic bait, especially in those days, when the perch lazily lying on the bottom and do not want to eat. Rattle sometimes fails to attract a particular perch.


Catching perch on the water surface

In the evening I always ready with a spinning stikbait or Popper. Often, large groupers, shortly before nightfall prey on the surface in the coastal zone on small fish. Sometimes it takes a few minutes before you go to large groupers depth.

Finding piers for fishing perch

Berths magically attract big bass. Here, on a sunny day, they hide in the shadows and attack prey out of hiding. Because perch are very sensitive to light, fishing from piers and under them is often a reliable and promising occupation.

Make casts to sunken trees for a successful fishing

Perches like wood. Whether it is lying in water or hanging from trees to water the branches, groupers are always nearby. Throws the bait as close to the trees. The deeper, more difficult to catch. The angle between a spinning rod and bait should be sharp; otherwise it will be too many snags.

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