Underwater Fishing for Pike

Hardly angler who never would have caught pike. In these fish underwater hunters - production is also not rare, but it is always desirable. And to a lot of reasons. Firstly, pike reach very large sizes. There is ample evidence of the existence of copies to two or even two and a half meters long. Many of us, talking about their best trophies, it may raise arms to the side up to the stop, and it will not be a fishing tale. Fish, 10, 12, 16 kilograms often become prey underwater hunters.

Even larger pike or left unharmed by hunters fallen into shock or have carried out with a torn jib. Sometimes, after not too successful shot this powerful big fish breaks itself and, ignoring the dangling entrails, carried away. Such power and active struggle for their lives and liberty are in the hunt for them, another attractive factor.

Pike, catfish like and unlike chub and perch, chasing the chosen victim is extremely rare. Usually the hunt ends with one throw, regardless of whether it is successful or not. But the cast is so rapid that some times and not catch fish disappeared in what direction. And indeed the pike in turbid water or in the heat of battle, not always successfully choose the right direction. Personally, I twice experienced it myself: once pound pike, having broken with the arrows, hit by my mask under water, and in the other - in the thick grass big fish have larger landed me in the jaw, so much so that cheekbone hurt then a few days.

No freshwater predator cannot be compared with pike. Huge pike's mouth crammed with tens and hundreds of large and small sharp teeth, many of which have the ability to bend and pass into the prey. Loses predator teeth easily: all the same after a while to grow new ones, but this process is not simultaneous. This powerful and versatile arm leaves no hope for the salvation of everyone who has given pike in the teeth.

And her teeth any victims in the water and does not exceed one third of its own size. 20% of the victims are ... pike! He grabs his victim as she would have. Then, in some incredible way, she turns her head to him and swallows. At the same time, if desired, it is easy to spit out what she had no taste. I myself watched pike caught a frog, for a long time it is caught in the jaws in such a way that the poor amphibious completely disappeared in it, and then let go. Frog disappeared behind my back, and the predator did not think to attack her again. Looks like she did not like the taste.

Where to find pike on spear fishing

For decades spear fishing we had studied our heroine. During the day she often hides in the densest thickets of underwater vegetation, some pike on duty in the bushes and branches submerged in underwater obstructions. The largest predator spends almost all the time at great depths. At night, they can go to a small depth at dawn to catch the victim and once again retire to dark and quiet corners of the pond. Almost always the rule: where there is a possible victim of a pike, and there should look for herself.

Noted we such an interesting pattern. If you cannot find a flock of ides, scattered and hid in the intertwining of water lilies and pondweed, we often find a number and a large pike, and even more than one. It seems that they graze his personal flock following him, and take him tribute as needed. And further. Sometimes, for whatever reasons, the large pike gather in one place. Spawning a long time has passed, the winter pike are not satisfied, and so what is such an important issue going to be discussed at this gathering of the patriarchs of the pond - I'll never know.

In winter pike kept the remains of grass. Sometimes, swim down the river 100, 200 meters - and nothing, but should appear only grass (grass and that something cannot be named: for example, some rope, bent over to the bottom), wait for a meeting with this predator. Sure enough, here it is - a gray top, should always head on the course and at the bottom, so as not to waste precious energy to expend. This state of fish and small depth allow the hunter to shoot it with confidence, having many tip without hooks. Converges almost does not happen yet because the fish in such a shooting received a blow on the back strap.

That winter pike frequent guests on the hooks of fishermen and hunters arrows, destined not only their mass, but also relatively high activity. "Relatively" because with a decrease in temperature of the water activity of all (burbot - do not count) of our freshwater fish falls. In October and November, when the water temperature drops to 4-5 degrees, pike can be still very shy and dart from a purely summer agility.

Sharply reduced pike activity only in March-April, due to the approach of spawning more than the weather. At this time, the pike for a long time lying on the floor motionless. They are sprinkled with a touch of the sludge, which in icy water is much less than in the hot season. And on their jaws, gill covers and scales comfortably arranged dozens of leeches. Many fish stomachs are empty, but they are clearly not in the hunting process. And if we have known that a well-fed pike less fearful than a hungry, there is a rule of summer time is not confirmed: pike and hungry, and not timid.

Unlike walleye, pike rarely goes in a pack with bream, roach. I watched this only twice, both times in the winter river.

Science says that the more eyes in the fish, the better their eyes and, consequently, less developed other senses. Our beautiful, you know some large and expressive yellow eyes. It was the eyes, she discovers the object of his hunt, and therefore its activity is limited to daylight hours. But when the hunter - a man and Pike plays the role of the victim, it's different.

My personal experience says that approach the pike for a shot easily just with the head than with the tail. Especially if you go rafting, not moving in the water, and without affecting the lateral line of the fish. Lantern light, if not hit at close range directly in the eye, is not afraid of a pike: highlighting its top side or back, always have time to make an aimed shot.

Bream, idea, chub, roach, perch, catfish, and all other fish freshwater our day in the water just moved and stuck in half-waters and is quite rare. For pike is normal. Therefore, when the hunter is moving through the water is not too dense vegetation; it should not only look at the bottom of the balk, but glancing up. Such challenges are not at the bottom of the pike stomachs are usually empty, and for them, this provision - an ambush. After a successful hunt pike hammered into the strongest and quiet place and goes to the bottom digest prey. At this time, it is less fearful.

In the body of the pike is difficult to determine the killer for underwater gun position. It is easier to name the places where you should not shoot: the belly and the front of the head, those parts of the body that are most easily torn fish. However, the most successful one shot, in which the spine is damaged: it immobilizes any monster.

Underwater fishing for pike is difficult, primarily because of the camouflage color pike. Merging with aquatic vegetation, it becomes hardly visible. Giant deep pike is quite rare, and generally behaves very cautiously, jumping up from their seats for any false move. Most often hunt for pike occurs at shallow depths, in the thickets of aquatic vegetation, reeds.

The first thing you need to know when the hunt for pike - that's what a failed hit fish likely will tear float away and die. The thing is that the pike, like no other fish do not resist. Being injured, it begins to rotate around its axis, candle jump out of the water, reeling the line and algae. As a consequence of the anatomical features of pike weak point is almost the entire lower part of the body that is below the spine. When injected into the belly of the fish likely to frustrate.

It is best to shoot in the head or spine, choose a crossbow for hunting, as the pike in contrast to, say, bream or carp has an elongated body, and the affected area is still very small. Crossbow is able to provide sufficient accuracy and combat power at such a hunt is not critical, as the pike body soft and easily breaks even native rods.

Very interesting pike response to the light from the lantern. From personal observation I would say that, contradicting the popular belief that at night, when a light fish fades and loses mobility - for pike is irrelevant. When light enters the beam on the pike, it takes off leaving only a cloud of haze. There are exceptions, but most of it is still not large pike young confident that their camouflage color will save them in any situation. Basically light scares pike and hunt it difficult night.

In some regions of night hunting is prohibited, in principle, some do not. So for those who are still lucky with the legislation and hunting at night you allowed - shared the secrets of the night hunting for pike:

Avoid chaotic waving a lantern under the water, focus your attention on promising areas where could be the pike, do not shine directly into the proposed site carefully, deliberately fail the lights to the right place, the main thing, as soon as the notice pike or her silhouette do not point the flashlight in her direction! Shoot barely illuminating the fish, otherwise it will go.

That's the whole secret. Pike does not give you the opportunity at night to light a lantern, and his body will go, will have to shoot in the areola, at the limit of visibility of light and shadow. The only way you can achieve success. From night hunting move on to the most common - day hunt for pike on small rivers. By the rivers of pike often can be found growing in the reeds along the shoreline, by developing on current algae bushes, the roots of which virtually no current.

Hunting takes place against the current, as the fish tries to hold the same against him and the hunter sneaks up behind her. Pike territorial fish, having chosen a spot it over and over again will return there for recreation or hunting, so if you are lucky enough to meet on a pond big pike, but you for some reason could not shoot, try to go back to the same after a while, most all you will see the pike again.

How to take the pike

Sincere surprise is some footage of advertising films, which experienced (?) Caught pike anglers take under the gills. It is not clear how it then remove your fingers from under the gill covers not to cut? We have long been adapted to be missed this fish for the eye socket - is convenient, safe and reliable. However, even here there are some nuances. Once, when I was trying to keep so easily wounded 8 kg pike, it is so twisted and spun at the same time, he almost wrenched my fingers.

Because of toothy jaws have a wounded pike hunters, even in the Cook put in a special way? We do our best so that the jaws were shut, that is, the needle pierces upper and lower jaw. If you cannot pull the belt, winding its free part of the front load, it is better to skip the needle again through the jaw. Then toothy predator exposed to oncoming flow of water is not exactly reveal anything of your mouth and on tooth does not try. In the meantime, I did not think about how much has been torn suits, rubber gloves, as spoiled hunting.

It is no secret that the wounded Soma, being on the boom or harpoon, often attacked and bitten by their abusers, and the largest of the breed catfish even the first attack on the person. Pike never, no matter how great may be. It is known only one case, which occurred near Astrakhan in one of limonite, when a large pike foot bathing woman. But witnesses say that this is not guilty of a bloodthirsty predator in nature, and pedicures. It looks like a pike just deceived, having flashing bright red nails of the same plumage Rudd.

In fishing literature replicated opinion that displaces perch pike from the water bodies or parts of bodies of water, which he liked. Neither confirms nor denies these underwater hunters are not taken, because very often those and other predators meet us at a small water area together. At the same time the fact of protecting their territory against intruders and potential competitors is not in doubt.

In life, it looks like this. You slowly swam into a small, cozy lagoon, and then from a distant part of the wall of reeds appears meter pike - the owner of the water area. She slowly and quite openly directed right at you. In one and a half meters to two stops, estimating the enemy, you drill predatory clearly unfriendly look. Realizing it is obvious that the forces are unequal, pike gradually unfolds and with dignity removed, unless, of course ... you gape and not fired.

Yes, we often meet with a pike, are accustomed to it. But let's take a look at her as if seeing for the first time. How perfect form, which mobile and expressive eyes! We admire the salmon and spotted bright Overseas fish, pike and our decorated because not worse: spots and stains of various shapes unique marble pattern cover the entire body and fins, tail and anal fins are reddish-orange.

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