What Attractants and How to Apply Them

Concentrated aromatic additives given the name attractants, which are natural or synthetic substances that attract organisms. They are used as impregnation nozzles. Many fish have highly developed olfactory organs.

Biologists conducted experiments where the carp could smell the mass of the substance in a few hundredths of a gram. For this reason, thanks to the bait, which includes fragrances, activated biting. The most common attractants include: strawberries, honey, caramel, tutti-frutti, vanilla, anise, chocolate, garlic, tiger nut, plum, hemp oil.

Variations and specifications attractants

Many attractants are used in pure form (in the form of special solutions), but there is a separate group of activators of fish, which are used more widely. Suffice it to spread not concentrated odorous substances and products which are simple in composition aromatic additives.

Attractants are produced by many companies. The first time being in a store with this product, you can get lost due to the huge range of products. There are attractants for catching peaceful and predatory fish. They are produced in the form of syrups, fragrant fluid, spray and gel.

Bottles decorated with all kinds of fish that inhabit the waters. This attractants on walleye, pike, perch, bream, roach and carp can often be found in the "one". Reviews anglers using this bait are extremely contradictory. Some enthusiastic actively use this method for activating bite.

Some categorically reject the use of this fluid, which only scares away the fish. Part of the right and those and others. The positive results from the use of attractants can be only when used properly.

Branded attractants concentrated species may have a smell like anything, from fish oil to honey. They usually look like a thick consistency liquid, syrups, jelly or pudding. The method they use only - attractant is added directly to the bait or lure. In the summer, they are applied to twisters, crank baits and spinners, worms dipped in them and boilies. In winter, the liquid is lowered flies and jig.

Fluid type determines the method for adding an activator fish that can be applied directly to the bait or the nozzle, as well as added to the finished bait.

Typically, flavoring agents and additives are added into the main bait. Sometimes applied to a bait attractant if it is able to form a stick in the water around the bait fragrant cloud. In particular, this method is used, when used as bait mixture herbal products, and fish caught in the animal heads.

Compatibility attractants

The most important principle is the use of attractants their correct application. Deciding to buy a vial of bait fish for the first time, and believe in the magical power of flavors, many fishermen are beginning to use them uncontrollably. Do not take into account the basic rules of odors and product compatibility.

Any experienced pastry chef will never interfere with the sharp smell of sweet scents, fruity with salty, creamy with a spicy. Hold, of course, cannot be a direct analogy with the human and fish smell. At times, the fish like the fact that a person is disgusting.

The best result is achieved by using pure odors. For example, take only garlic or only strawberries. You can combine similar in smell, and the origin of products. Hemp oil with sunflower oil cake with breadcrumbs, baby food with vanilla.

What Attractants and How to Apply Them

Hence the conclusion: it is necessary to select the fish attractants, just as women choose perfume - to time and place. Another important principle is that a huge amount of flavoring agent not only attracts but also scares away the fish.


The correct concentration of attractants

During the summer, the abundance of attractants does not benefit. However micro flora summer warm water neutralizes odors in the short term. In winter, the water is clear and clean. Therefore, there is the sustainable conservation of foreign odors in cold water at a temperature of about zero for a long time. Oversupply concentration of flavor for aquatics would be unbearable.

In winter, the fish positively perceives odors muted. Begin to experiment the best with the least concentrated, powerful and complex aromas, as more difficult to overdo them. An even better solution would be experiments with conventional fragrant products.

Impressive effects can be achieved from baby food, mint, milk powder, aniseed drops, and hemp oil. But garlic and spicy flavors, tutti-frutti, will likely scare away than attract fish. In winter, the proper result can be achieved with caramel flavor, but must first be strong thinning.

If you have no idea what and how much to pour into the hole or on the bait, you should resort to a simple method for determining the level of fitness of the attractant. To catch choose a place where almost no fish activity. On the hook jig clings to a piece of foam rubber, which is dipped in attractant.

If the fish smell is not pleasant, it is not necessary to wait for bites at all. If the concentration of the odor is too high at the beginning, the voles can be expected immediately. The fragrance will gradually dissolve in the water, alluring fish, and after a while the fish itself manifest.

It is necessary to detect a given time. If the fish pecked after 5-10 minutes, then it smells like. The concentration is chosen almost true. If the first bite took place half an hour later, the fish was used to flavor and came close to the bait only when the water cleared.

Can then orient attractant in an amount of droplets to be added to the bait, or in how often it is necessary to immerse the foam in the syrup. Only it is necessary to strike a balance: a large amount of attractant increases the radius of its action, but the biting starts later. Less attractant - biting finish earlier.

In this case, you can use the usual winter tactic: advance added to the wells attractants, and then check them periodically. At the same flavors can be simply dropped into the hole without the use of bait. The effect of such a process lasts about the same or slightly less than the traditional method of feeding.

Features of attractants in winter and summer

An important feature of the use of flavoring substances in the winter - it is an effective activation of the fish with the help of substances with protein smells. During the cold period all need more calories. Fish is no exception. The protein can be both animal and dairy. Many anglers often use pressure bloodworm bait in winter.

This method works with a very high probability. Analogous to it are meat products, milk powder, egg powder, protein and protein as the basis for other attractants. Ready recipe and proportions, which will certainly work, you can not specify. On the pond all prepared bait house had to be adjusted by changing the composition of all recognition.

What Attractants and How to Apply Them

If you, for example, cook the porridge-bait, adding attractant in water is carried out before adding the rump. In summer, this cooking method is used with great success. Winter bait boiled applies only when you want to mix very viscous consistency, as it used to flow. In winter, anglers tend to avoid areas with strong currents. In winter, the dry bulk wiser use of bait. Turbidity in the clear water attracts fish from afar, and the mixture does not freeze in the cold.

It should be noted that the use of concentrated attractants during winter feeding point more effectively than in the summer. Winter fishing is catching in a plumb and the summer - catch in the wiring. To stir up a flock of fish directly below the hole, you ran for two hours with an echo sounder. 30-40 drilled wells, but the screen is not showing any fish.

And after a long wait he squeaked, pointing to the presence of fish. However, the fish are not identified lowered jig with added bloodworm like edible body. It is not necessary to saturate the extraneous flavors of hundreds of square meters in the area below you. A few drops in the hole or in a bait ball would be sufficient. Again, it is possible to catch using flavored foam.

The ground bait mix the powder type is allowed only to add attractants such as dry type: crystals vanilla, powdered sugar. Liquids, spray, gel and syrups are applied directly to the rocker, jig, spoon or a small twister. The contents of the two vials (on the peaceful fish and predator) can be divided into two seasons when stored.

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