Whether to Take Women for Fishing

One day, my friend and I sat on the lake in the morning and were already dozing off under the first rays of the sun. Carp with a palm pecked, but rarely, 2-3 per hour. And then the horsewoman drove to the lake, riding a horse, a dog ran beside him. The woman dexterously jumped off the horse, bent down and raised the rod.

Quickly threw the fishing rod into the water and almost instantly pulled out a decent carp. And then her carp was caught every 5-10 minutes. And we? We felt ashamed.

"Yes, she fed her place!" - Justified friend in front of his own conscience. And yet, early, we dozed, were lazy. We knew for sure, there are carp in this lake, and there are real fish too.

For fishermen, the opinion that the woman is fishing only brings trouble. There will be no good fishing, the wind will blow from the wrong side, the fish will break off the hook, and in general - no luck. And some anglers say so straightforward: "Never, never, I'll take a woman for fishing!".

But there is another part of the fishermen, and they categorically disagree with this opinion. Most likely, opponents of the fishing process with the participation of a woman simply never thought about this issue seriously.

And if you think correctly, we will see a lot of positive things. And from fishing with a woman will only benefit. Yes what is there! You cannot go fishing without a woman! If you do not have a wife, invite a neighbor or a friend, you can take someone else's wife.

But it’s (checked!) Still better. And not at all for the reasons of morale dying in our time. Participation in fishing is a very important matter! If the wife does not agree, it is not very difficult to persuade her.

The main thing is to inspire her into the consciousness of the capital's fishing truth. The time spent on fishing, God does not count in the years of life. And to live longer, moreover, and to fish, I want to all.

Still need to promise his wife the most inexpressible sensations and promise immediate admission to a special club - Real Fishermen (after achieving some success with a fishing rod in his hand). Well, the wisdom of fishing and the things that precede him, you teach your wife easily.

Whether to Take Women for Fishing

So, the wife agrees. We collect the first bonuses. Firstly, we make a feasible contribution to the all-planet struggle against discrimination against women in fishing.

Secondly, we spend the weekend, as planned, in the family circle, but on fishing. Thirdly, the nerves are calm, because no one "cuts" for the fact that the whole week the wife is alone at home.

Woman fishing

Interesting? Then continue ... The wife as an assistant fisherman helps you from the very beginning. Collects the things necessary in the way and near the pond, you will not experience lack of provisions. An umbrella, playing cards and lots of liters of water will be provided and packed. She packs things, food, a boat, a tent, and then kneads the dough, touches the bloodworms, cooks porridge, digs worms.

And who will bear it all? Hardly anyone doubts that women are twice as hardy as men. Consequently, the wife will carry the equipment, and the fisherman-mentor is what you cannot trust the wife with - fishing rods.

At the pond, in the chosen place, the wife sets up a tent. The tent should be put in the entrance to the east; its opposite end will look to the west. If you stand facing west, the north will be on the right, and the south on the left. This can only be grasped by the analytical male mind of a mentor, and it is impossible to set such difficult tasks before a woman. At least in the initial stage of fishing.

The tent is installed. You send your wife for firewood without an ax. In order to preserve nature, it collects only dry branches and adds it to the site of the future fire, and you have already determined the place. In addition, the tutor of the entire preparatory period stores the most important thing - loyalty to his wife and fishing rod. And of course matches, without whom you cannot divide the fire and you, cannot weld the ears.

The future lodging is arranged. A man will sleep on a separate mattress, so as not to oversleep the morning dawn. The wife is instructed on how to set the alarm clock correctly. And if the alarm does not work, then the wife should awake the fisherman in time at dawn.

It's brightening. You are already on the shore. Rods were prepared. The wife planted a worm on the hook. This operation requires deft female hands - the worm twists and does not want to be punctured and planted. By the way, nimble women's hands will come in handy more than once - untangle the fishing line on the fishing rod, remove the fish, and spare the spinning from the "beard."

The wife throws a fishing rod into the water and gives the fisherman a rod. And the mentor is again the most important and responsible task. Control that his wife does everything right. As soon as the float jerks and goes down, pull the rod up.

And here - on the hook flutters not a large fish. Wife in ecstasy! Mentor is not in a hurry to remove the fish from the hook - with such a trifle will cope and the wife. And then there's dinner already around the corner. Wife cleans fish, hangs on a bowler. And the fisherman does that without which it is impossible to weld an ear - he lights a match, from which the fire will be engaged.

Well rested, you gathered home. A mentor helps his wife put on her back a lightweight backpack, while he himself carries fishing rods.

You are at home. The wife tidies up her fishing clothes, she's washing her boots. And the mentor does not remain without business - puts in corner fishing-rods. And then the fisherman takes a bath at night. Falling asleep, he remembers fishermen-misogynists and himself discusses with himself that in vain they do not take women for fishing. After all, his wife does not harm fishing - she ennobles her.

And what only does not dream on the lake when carp is not caught. But on one pond, I personally experienced some strange feelings when next to me on the boat a woman calmly and without unnecessary emotion got to troll the pike one after another. That was awesome!

And on another lake I watched on many occasions, like an old grandmother and her granddaughter on the same boat, sitting back to back, cheerfully caught a large fish. It remains to add that I taught my daughter from childhood to go fishing.


As soon as possible, I always take it with me. It happens that it is smarter than other fishermen. Because it differs mind and ingenuity, good reaction, accuracy and accuracy, dexterity and attitude.

Open your eyes wider. The Internet has long established the community of female fishermen, read their forums, look at the world of fishing with their beautiful and loving eyes!

So, to take or not to take women for fishing? The answer is obvious - take, because if she goes for the fish herself, then the man in the house will be bored and uncomfortable.

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