Why Bite on Artificial Bait Fish

Try to understand what makes the underwater predator pounce on our lure. Proper wiring - you might say, and be right in many respects. I remember one fishing on a small river with clean water; allow revealing mysteries pike attacks. In the water, there are three bait: Orbit, Slender Pointer and Vision. Features baits and wiring are similar and interesting result. Orbit is again deep into a toothy mouth over and over again.

The Pointer attacked swiftly and aggressively, but it does not eat fish, but with a force hits. Eventually, after several missteps fish clings, and Vision in one day is not entirely pecked. In other conditions, the reaction of fish on these lures me work better Vision; one thing remained unchanged - Pointer are more likely to find themselves unable to graze. I think the whole thing in a very loud annoying sound coming from the bait, but who knows.

Why Bite on Artificial Bait Fish

Many anglers are still convinced that the fish have enough bait only for the purpose of satisfying hunger. Hunger - it is a rare case when the fish is caught almost everything. This often doing a toll on the lakes - arrange the fish on a hunger strike, and without hesitation she catches everything that falls into the water. In most cases, they are working very different instincts.

For example, when a sick fish, many of the surrounding beings, there is a desire to bite, hit or even eat in order to avoid an epidemic or a decomposing corpse at the bottom. In diseases that afflict the inhabitants of our waters, the most visible sign is the inability of the fish to move in a straight line and keep the horizontal position in the water. Wobbler held twitching, it mimics such patients.

For the most demanding anglers and distrustful of fish in the forms and colors present baits simulate diseases. Here are some of them: Itch (white specks on the body, including the gills), trihodinios (body frosted with bluish flakes) temnopolos disease (dystrophy, sunken eyes, gills pale coloring darkens possible dark bands on the body), bacterial enteritis (veils gradually turn black, anus red and swells), edema (swollen body, especially the abdomen, filled with tissue fluid).

The definitions are taken from the reference book on fish diseases. I will not argue that these colors are like fish, but if the angler believes painful specks on the body of a wobbler, the bait will be remarkably caught predators: self-hypnosis - a great power! But the form of bloating has a significant impact on the game wobbler, adding her trembling component. A striking example of this is the lure Greedy Guts, actively shaking his sides before intractable inhabitants of the underwater world.

Another reason for the attack on the lure can serve irritation. Most often, this is what counts and angler when ties crank or large forest. There may be some variation in the behavior of the fish. Most interestingly, these options appear in a flock perch.

Perches can go for an annoying thing and try to eat it or get rid of. With a desire to eat everything is clear: a clear bite, and after a couple of seconds prickly thief already have fishing bait carefully retrieves from his mouth. Either we feel strong blows to the bait, or the hooks are often not in the fish's mouth, but somewhere outside. It is easy to explain: when it drives off the perch bait, he hits her head or side.

Why Bite on Artificial Bait Fish

The third option would be the most mysterious. Perch caught almost no bite, and always hooks in the mouth. In the clear water I managed to peep include aggressively conducted lure pulls the fish out of hiding, and then to the wobbler perch fits neatly and sucks the hook.

In this case it seems that the lure itself does not cause any interest in fish, but swinging tee attracts attention and as a result tasted. It already brings us to the next reason that encourages fish to biting, food competition. According to this principle, a variety of work tandems and pedestrian snap.

Volume bait attracts the attention of the fish and helps to detect tiny dessert, in front of which is difficult to resist even well-fed fish. Excellent get caught on popper, half a meter in front of which stands a small bait. Flies can act as this tidbit, or even naked tee - special difference I noticed in Kleve.

At the same perch, wanting to eat himself popper, so small that it can safely be removed from his hooks. Tandems when properly selected wiring horizon catch is guaranteed. The disadvantage of this snap-ins in a low catch rate - with good nibble on the bait to catch ordinary preferable.

Why bite on artificial bait fish

When you catch on big baits such as jerk baits and large, fish, attacking them, it shows "territorial" behavior. The best option is obtained with a combination of large lures and slow posting. This element of the major constituents of baits, which can be the slowest wiring. Among the variety of baits should pay attention to the bait by Aiko.

The composite bait allows you to make a very enticing and slowly and steadily at a depth of about 30 cm. I believe in the effectiveness of the bait after a sandy shallow water depth of just 15 cm over a dozen casts perch grams per 50 chasing bait with incredible tenacity and mysterious purposes.

On warm spring days are most likely to catch fish, the size of which is comparable with the size of our bait, and this could be a roach, dace and other, not spinning fish. This suggests that preparing for the spawning fish or competitor drives away from the female, or it takes for our bait. Argued that the spring is necessary to use small baits Argument next - the stomach is full of fish eggs and nothing major to not fit.

However, you can go the other way - to radically increase the bait. Now this is not food item, as a competitor. And changing character bites: this is no longer a faint bite and a powerful blow with the aim to finish with competitors once and for all. I'm in the beginning of the season most workers lure for perch - a bait length of 90-100 mm, and for pike - 140 mm minnow and tires in volume fifty grams of weight.

Long winter evenings spinning some do not risk getting out on the water body. It is necessary to devote an hour or two of your time to play with the cat. This is no joke and not an article about pets. The behavior of the cat in the game can demonstrate the effectiveness of certain techniques used in spinning. The cat, as well as pike, a predator attacking from ambush, and hunting instincts they are similar.

I noticed this after checking on your cat harness ultrafast computed as the Japanese say, to reacktion strike. Dormant yourself a cat and does not react to a toy, but after two or three very quick "transactions" should be a fierce attack. Translating all this into a fishing track, we note two parts: a very fast and intrusive wiring near the parking space big fish bait, sooner or later will make even the sleepiest fish bite.

Such wiring is often much more productively "thinking" twitching. That is quite a recent example: the water in the lake ice, pike caught. For five hours not a single bite of a predator. The first pike caught when wobbler accelerated sharply to cut around the algae. Like curiosity, but he pecked second ten minutes later under similar conditions - sharp suspenders I brushed the grass off the tee. In the next half an hour managed to catch two more, already consciously pursuing the lure at a furious pace. I rejoice and size of fish - from kilogram to two, not bad for a nearly disastrous fishing in the city.

The most justified this method in the boiler to fry, where the predator is clearly present, and does not wish to respond to the usual techniques. The bait must be stable at such velocity and volume. The options are: O. S. P.Rudra, Megabass Vision Magnum, Owner S'ultiva 120 SP.

Why Bite on Artificial Bait Fish

Slightly more inclined to play a cat sitting and just watching a toy, not daring to attack. Very often the last straw that displays a predator out of balance, it becomes vertical toys on the obstacle or slow movement of the cover. A similar situation is likely formed and under water. Fish does not want to miss tidbit of mind and biting. How else to explain the situation, when you catch along the edge, and bites occur only one wiring path.

A fish, like a cat watching bait without much desire to eat it. Just lure creeps on the edge of the wall or hidden behind a sprig, fish patience comes to an end. Enough to miss a couple of meters at a throw, and that will not be treasured drops overflowing fishy patience, and therefore there will be no impact of the predator.

Unfortunately, the most effective way to provoke the cat attack - bait delay in place, hardly applicable in spinning. Although such bite, I watched several times. This usually occurs when the toe of the grass on the opposite bank and looks very spectacular. From the depths of pike flies in all its glory and flops back, scattering iridescent splashes.

Why Bite on Artificial Bait Fish

Another interesting fact is that each cat has his favorite toy, and it seems to me that each individual has a favorite fish bait.

A little about rigging

Recently my arsenal replenished spinning Aiko Rockies 229 cm to 18 g, with similar characteristics I have already had Daiko Absolute. It's funny to compare instruments with a five-fold difference in price. It seems that in this case the budget tackles stand behind the cupboard without cause. But let's not jump to conclusions.

What we have: Absolute throws significantly more that you would expect, given its operation. Close the handle of the coil, a leisurely start wiring, and here it is an unexpected surprise. Game wobbler much more comfortable it monitors Rockies due to softer that amplifies the vibration of a wobbler and transmits it to the hand.

Another advantage Rockies’ a - this wiring shadow and minnow with an active game, up to the upper boundary of the test; this system allows the rod to reveal more fully the potential of these baits. Regarding the bait size. Rockies very versatile bait - no problem is the use of baby-type 35 Rigge, and at the same time from Megabass Vision 130 is obtained to carry out correctly and comfortably.

Why Bite on Artificial Bait Fish

Power turns to throw bulky lures, weight approximately equal to the upper boundary of the test, while with the Absolute 18, I would not recommend throwing ounce baits. The only thing where the Rockies lose - it's the bottom of the control, if the nature of the bottom passes Daiko with photographic accuracy, the Rockies gives only a vague idea about it.

The verdict is that spinning with the same characteristics as a result has a very different scope. Absolute is very good for a large river when fishing for pike-perch as the day on a jig, and at night to lure. Element Rockies'a - this pike fishing on a small river where the road and does not forgive mistakes Absolute taking unreasonable.

With such fishing is not usually required to keep at the bottom of the crank, but the precise control of all the nuances of his game needed. It occurs at low river need for such a universal gear and capricious as Rockies, due to the difficult conditions for casting and moving in conjunction with a wide variety of baits.

Ultimately, in order to bite more often delighted fisherman should follow two simple rules. Your equipment should be as comfortable as possible and reasonable, and all experiments were carried out with artificial bait and feeding it. Each new bait - it is a challenge, and the absurdity of it, the more valuable bite on it. A bit boring just to fish - it should surprise, play with her and always respected.

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