Woman and Fishing

Hunting and fishing are men's business. When they say that a woman and fishing concepts are incompatible, this is not entirely true. Historically, in the mind of a man, it turned out that he was the head of the family, the breadwinner and the breadwinner.

Women were keeper of the family hearth and engaged in the gathering of edible fruits, roots and herbs. After millennia, much has changed.

For the majority of the population, fishing and hunting have ceased to be a means of subsistence and have turned into one of the most interesting hobbies. But still most of the people who took a rifle and a fishing rod in their hands are men. Women we often see on berry glades, with a mushroom basket or a bouquet of wildflowers.

Our lovely women are engaged in decorating a home from ancient times, and this remains their life's destiny. To women, the society gave an offensive title "weak sex". Probably, it was invented by men to raise themselves above "weak women".

But in every case there are exceptions. More and more often we meet women with both a gun and a fishing rod in the forests and on the rivers. They are tired of "gathering and decorating"; they try themselves in "prey". They are interested in extreme trips, trophy hunting and fishing, communication with wildlife, but due to the special female logic they do everything a little differently, somehow more elegantly.

Categories of women on fishing

I would divide them into three categories, even four.

The first are young mothers with already grown up and strengthened schoolchildren who come for vacations to provincial towns and villages.

Children, who grew up on the "asphalt" streets of the city, see village boys and girls with fishing rods on the river and begin to say that they also want to fish.

Of course, this is a childish whim, but to satisfy the needs of a beloved child, and even to rest from the kitchen gardens, mothers heroically agree to go to the river.

For this they take a fishing rod, simple, primitive. Rod, fishing line, float, sinker, hook, without any coils and rings. For them, it's all complicated. If the gear was not there, along with the child go to the store and buy an already equipped fishing rod. Disgustingly dig worms, as they do not know other baits, but heard that the fish bites on the worm.

Be sure to take a bucket (children should see live fish), high chairs, an umbrella from the sun and much more. They go to the bank of the river or pond to the local boys, look closely and try to repeat their methods of catching.

Inept casts, attempts to understand the signals of the float, and even the first fish caught. Usually it is a small fish. How much joy a child has, no less than a mother! Clapping like applause to my beloved mother, who in the eyes of the child, like a fairy or fairy fairy, performed a miracle.

Woman and Fishing

The child jumps with delight and already wants to catch the fish himself. The fish immediately goes to the can; it is examined for a long time, because the first time they see this miracle. Now the child with the fishing rod in his hand looks attentively at the float. And the angler's mother gives advice and teaches how to catch.

By the end of the fishing they will catch 5-6 small fish; there will be a lot of joy. It is this genuine joy that we, adults, are given both fellowship with nature and fishing itself.

Fish then of course will be released back into the pond. Children have a stronger sense of compassion for all living things. Perhaps the child will want to show his catch to friends along the street, and then the fate of the fish is obvious. The grandmother can even fry them for the grandson, having fixed in it feeling of respect for, the feeling of "getter".

Then they will go fishing every day, study the neighborhood of the pond, get acquainted with other representatives of the underwater and surface world: frogs, water meters, dragonflies, butterflies. In school, when a child writes an essay on "How I spent the summer," fishing on the pond will be described in the most detailed manner.

Perhaps my mother will be fascinated with fishing and the fishing rod will not be wasted, will not be given to a neighbor's boy, but will find a worthy place in the house.

The second category of female fishermen is more extensive. There are a lot more of them, they have already passed the stage of "skilful young mothers", many of them left it. Others came in fishing because of the great love for their own husband.

To the husband-fisherman, without which they cannot live a day. At first they were simple contemplatives of this action, and then they themselves took a fishing rod in their hands and also caught a fish.

Fishing cannot but store in the sensitive soul of a woman, and they become wives-anglers. If fishing still does not entrain, they still remain contemplators and nature lovers, without leaving their companions in the heat or cold, helping if not by deed, then at least with sympathy.

Sometimes they say: "Listen to a woman and do the opposite." And indeed, if she stands nearby and whispers in your ear: "He whips drag, or it will be too late", pause, wait for the right bites-after all, your companion is just a contemplative. But, alas, these are few. Now women with a fishing rod in their hands are trying to prove that they can deal with men on an equal footing with men, which is fishing.

Woman and Fishing

They already know about nozzles and bait, especially in cereals. Know how to boil properly the peas, potatoes and porridge, "so that they sit on the hook."

Are not afraid of "nasty worms", and armed with a net, deftly catch grasshoppers. They themselves can equip the fishing rods, pick up the weights, adjust the floats and firmly tie the hooks with a special knot.

Usually starting with a simple float fishing rod, then try them in fishing spinning, and progress is obvious. Soon they skillfully handle this, I would say, complex for women tackle.

They are also indispensable partners in catching a neck, possessing great patience, diligence and even the ability to disguise themselves on the shore.

Claims to clothes remain at home; Trousers, storm and boots - sometimes only a flirtatious hat reveals the belonging of the fisherman to the weaker sex. Women often become owners of large and sometimes trophy specimens, and fish for them are not just fish, they are already a food product, and therefore they prepare delicious dishes from it.

If the men on fishing all end up with a simple ear, sometimes even from unlearned fish, then women come to cooking fish dishes with a great imagination. Here it is no longer just "carp, fried in sour cream", but "carp with mushroom French sauce". Not just the "ear out of burbot", but "the ear from the burbot in another manner". Then and "pike in Polish", and "pike in Italian", and "trout, stewed with madera and cancerous oil."

Woman and Fishing

I know several women who, for the sake of fishing and their beloved husbands, have learned to drive a car so that the faithful, after successful fishing, could drink alcohol in a company of friends for a successful fishing trip.

Sober driver is always with you. On trips to close distances they mastered a bicycle, and in difficult places to walk on foot do not consider for themselves shameful. Fishing hardened and body, and the soul and in general became the meaning of life.

All of them can be compared to precious gems, each of which shines in different ways, but as if in the frames of their husbands. After all, in everyday life they remain the same women - and in the household, and at work, and nothing women are alien to them. Only in addition to fashion glossy magazines, they still browse and read hunting and fishing, and watch fishing programs on TV, besides the series "about fidelity and love".

If there are a lot of women in the second category, then I would compare the third category with cut diamonds, sparkling magical, magical light, for which fishing certainly provides strength.

Woman and Fishing

Usually they are wives in families with long-established fishing traditions, constantly leaving with their husbands for long familiar places and knowing about fishing and fish, almost everything. There are also single women among them, who for some reason lost their husbands-fishermen, but who do not represent any further life without fishing.

Having studied the fishing business, they perfectly feel the weather changes, they know all the catching places, have long found their "fishing formula" and almost never go without fish. Such units, they are known in person, respectfully with them, honorable fishermen greet them on an equal footing. They are advised what to catch, where and how to catch. All these women are loved and respected among those who really do not imagine a life without fishing and hunting.

And the fourth category of respectable women-fishermen is "anglers-grandmothers". Yes, do not be surprised, which is far beyond 60, and even in 70 years. But these grandmothers cannot live without fishing, mushrooms and berries, without communicating with nature. For the whole summer they leave for deaf villages standing on the banks of rivers or lakes. Others go to their favorite places and camp there from the spring to the autumn.

Woman and Fishing

Adult children who, over 50 years, bring them gas bottles for a stove, products, help with everyday conditions, and old people enjoy the beauty of nature, peace of mind and favorite pastime. The city is alien to them, but here they know every path, bush, tree, all the pits and pits on the river.

On the well-fed places, they successfully catch bream, catch pike and perch, catch ponds on carp. Bunches of various useful herbs, dried mushrooms, dried fish and jars with different jam decorate their simple canopies from the rain. Old men are like good wizards who, like in a fairy tale, touching a flywheel with a wand, can turn it into a white mushroom.

Birds sing their songs to them in the woods, fast fish are pleased with the game in the water. They have known both the fishing and hunting world in all its beautiful manifestations. To them wisdom has long come. Wisdom of the knowledge of human existence, knowledge of nature. Their diamond no longer surprises with the magic game of clear edges.

They saw the world through this magical crystal, and it burnt to them in the fires of the fires on the morning and evening dawns and turned into coal, ash and ash and became the earth itself. Such units, men and women, they are the sages of nature, they have known it to the very essence, they are made up of legends, they go into immortality, and many generations will remember their names.

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